Fundamentally Sound: A Review of Last Weeks College Basketball Action

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(17) ND beats (21) Cincinnati

  • ND is on a 12 game win streak
  • 5 guys in Double digits - they only played 7 guys all night
  • Cincy only had 1
  • Cincy beat them across the board, obviously except for score they were 46% from the floor and 42% from the arc

(5) Indiana beats Penn State

  • This team needs to always be in the top 10, it is good for sports, movie Hoosiers
  • 7 foot center who can move like a guard
  • Penn St - When you shoot a 31% from the floor and 27% from the arc, you aren't going to win


Not much of a night, kind of what you would expect

Duke, (10) Missouri, (13) Creighton, (15) Ohio State all had pretty big wins

  • Bowers for Missouri may be one of the best players in the SEC if not the league. He was hurt all last year with a torn ACL, and has had a huge year, with only one game scoring in single digits and killing it with rebounds. BUT, he went down with 6 minutes left in the game. It is not looking good for him
  • For Creighton, let’s all watch Ethan Wragge this year. 22 points and 6 3-pointers is a pretty good night, more to come from this Minnesota boy
  • Duke is Duke is Duke, with Quinn Cook leading them this year, an all around good player
  • Ohio State has a small bench, 8 guys playing for them, but when you score as much as them, you don’t need 16 guys

And then there was (19) Georgetown who was drilled by a Pitt team with a mission. This will be their last time playing in our nations capital before they go to the ACC, and I am guessing Coach Thompson will not be texting Jamie Dixon anytime soon to make the trip


How about those Cyclones! Let’s go into Allen Fieldhouse and take one of the best teams in the country into overtime. Down by only four at half, they rallied and stayed in the came to take the game into OT, only to lose by 8. They had 6 guys in double digits, but it couldn’t match McLemore going 16 for 18 and 7 for 7 from the line and scoring 33 points


Great day of basketball. We had two top 25 teams who almost went down, and one who did. Michigan St going into Iowa and almost losing was not a huge surprise. Iowa has a good team, and going into enemy territory is always tough. Laying in bed Thursday night, flipping through the channel, I turned to ESPN, and thought I was watching a high school basketball game, but soon realized I was just watching Stockton, Jr. running the point at the Gonzaga game. He may look 12, but man he is solid. They are one of my favorites this year. They have a lot of things that will help them this year. One thing that basketball as a whole (NCAA and NBA) is missing, is solid big me. Now Olynyk may not be the biggest of bigs, but he plays low. He needs to learn to stay there and not come out to the arc.

You knew Arizona going into Eugene would be tough, but I was thinking Arizona would be able to pull it out, but they could not finish. 


Creighton beat Missouri State. Thats about all I have to say about that.


I think Indiana may be my favorite team of the year. They took care of business against Minnesota. Now they should have a tough road ahead of them, facing 8 possible top 25 teams. But there is not a lot to do in Indiana, and as Gene Hackman proved to us, basketball is dang near the top of the list.

A few notable wins:


 I have a real tough time calling anything an upset in College Basketball anymore. I think if a team of 5 guys, on any night, could go into a top ranked arena and pull out a win, so you probably will not see me use the word upset very much, unless, you know, it really is an upset.

Was NC State beating Duke an upset, no it was not. Was it a HUGE win, yes it was. Was it a win worth rushing the court, no, sorry Wolfpack. How did they win, by shooting 20% better from the arc and the fact that Duke had Kelly out for the game and Curry out for the last few minutes. Random stat of the night?? Duke had 10 assists and NC State 13 assists. Brown, for NC State, had 13 assists, so for you keeping score, one guy had all the assists for 1 team, pretty awesome.

3 other notable games:

Ole Miss beating (10) Missouri, sorry stomping Mizzou, but I think that is a flash in the pan, they are a good team.

 Shabazz Napier

Shabazz Napier

Wisconsin beating (12) Illinois, for as bad as the Big 10 is as football, they make up for it in basketball, they are going to have a good year.

But the biggest surprise to me was UCONN going into South Bend and beating the Irish, with one of my favorite names Shabazz Napier


Michigan started the day the only unbeaten team in the league, but like I said, the Big 10 does not mess around. You know Columbus was going to come out in full force. Watching the end of the game, I felt like Michigan never really cared much about winning, almost like they wanted to get out of there and get ready for next week. The score does not show it, but Ohio State played so well and deserved that win. 

This is a going away letter to the Shockers, losing to Evansville. Now that was an upset. The problem was Wichita State had 22 turnovers, and you really aren’t going to win with that many, even if you are playing Evansville.

In about 3 weeks is really when you will start seeing the top 25 take shape and be a little more consistent. Until then, it is up in the air.

Games to watch next week

Monday - Baylor at Kansas - Kansas wins, but Baylor will keep it close, there are about 4 teams dying to take the second spot in the Big 12, it is anyone’s spot to lose right now.

Tuesday - Wisconsin at Indiana - The Hoosiers win, but Big 10 basketball will not let you down.

Wednesday - NC State at Maryland - This will not go the way the rankings expect. I think NC state will come off of a real tough win and have to go into Maryland and will lose, but it will be a three point game.

Saturday - Missouri at Florida - only because they are really the only good teams in the SEC

I know I said I liked Gonzaga, but when they play Butler, that may be one of their few loses.

Posted on January 14, 2013 .