Minute by Minute: What Mick and David Did to a Motown Classic


Remember folks, we stood by and let this happen

The other night I was with one of my Surebud pals, and we were chatting about songs we like. It seems we have the exact same library, which is rare, because my library is pretty unusual. Then the conversation, took a turn, something like this:

Me - You have Queen

Him - I love Queen, they are strange, but man they make good music

Me - Love them, they make weird videos, but they are talented

Him - Yeah, there videos are strange but

Me - Yeah not as bad as the Jagger/Bowie debacle

Him - Wait, what, I have never seen that

Me - Are you kidding me. Well strap in buddy and get ready to waste/enjoy/hate/love/question/confuse/get lost for the next two and a half minutes

That's right, this actually happened. In 1964, Martha and the Vandellas first performed this song, and honestly, I think it still hold up. Go back now and listen to it, even watch the video on YouTube, and I dare you not to tap your feet. But for some reason, in 1985, two men decided to get together, sniff some paint and redo the classic. 

There are so many terrible things in the video, not limited to, but including the following

0:00 - 0:06 - some random synthesized sound that is similar to one of the old toys that you turn upside down and it makes noise as the thing inside it slides up and down. And I can see ole Mick say, "He let's use this toy to start out this video, and then we will build on that"

0:08 - they proceed to call out the a list of countries, hopefully pining for some billboard chart toppers, and then, all of the sudden, for 7 seconds, Mick jumps onto the screen, spazzing out uncontrollably

0:36 - "Where's Bowie" if you were like me you were worried, did they forget Bowie, nope, there he is, on the perch, wearing his trench coat, hands in his pockets, wearing some sort of leopard onesie, shaking his hips

0:49 - I can hear David say "Wait the name of this song is dancing in the streets, but we are in an abandoned warehouse?" So they move to the alley of that abandoned warehouse, close Dave, close

0:50 - 2:58 - I don't have words to explain this, but it is like a trainwreck, I can't take my eyes off of the screen

1:29 - Proof that this was filmed in one take, Mick has time to bend over, take a drink of Diet Coke to whet his whistle, and then back to singing

1:52 - But my favorite part is when Dave does the little hand on his stomach dance saying (because they are never really singing) "On the streets of Brazil"

My friend Gardale said "I remember when this came out and thinking nothing of it, seemed so 80's normal. Wow."

What is your favorite part, comment below.

Posted on January 17, 2013 .