5 Moments of Greatness: Superbowl Edition

5 Moments Superbowl.jpg

What's more 'Merica than the SuperBowl? Making a list of great moments in SuperBowl games. Without further ado, 5 Moments of Greatness: SuperBowl Edition.

5. Leon Lett was so close and yet so far. Oh Leon. You were an amazing talent. big, strong, fast and yet prone to these plays. Watch little Don Bebe reel the Big Cat in. He's a hustler.

4. David Tyree with the helmet catch. I was so pleased that this game caused Bill Simmons so much pain. Pats were 18-0. A few minutes after David Tyree's catch they were 19-1.

3. Marcus Allen ran 487 yards to get a 74 yard touchdown. We tried to recreate this run in the back yard for the next 5 years. We lacked ability. Also check out Jim Plunkett's facemask. The game was safer then.

2. Santonio Holmes against the Cardinals. Is anyone convinced he got the second foot down? At least it gave the announcers the chance to say, "You need indisputable proof to overturn the call on the field."

1. Kevin Dyson you were so close! Rams vs. Titans in 2000. This play gave Dick Vermiel a title and made Kurt Warner the first grocery sacker, turned Iowa Barnstormer, turned Super Bowl Champion. If Dyson's arm were only 2 feet longer Jeff Fisher would have a title. 

Posted on February 1, 2013 and filed under Sports.