Trailer Park...Movies You Should and Shouldn't See Based on 2 Minute Trailers

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Two Trailer Park Movies go round the outside

I love Movie Trailers, love them. If I am late to a movie and miss them, there is part of me seriously thinks about just not going. Well, I wanted to sort through some of the crap out there and tell you which ones to watch, and which ones to avoid. So ...


Red 2

Sequels normally aren’t great, but when you have great actors come together for round 2, you usually are in for a treat. John Malkovich’s role is brilliant, and even in the preview, you can see how he will steal the show. Mary-Louise Parker is a see-saw to me, sometimes up, sometimes down, but I feel in this movie, she is up. I think this will be a fun one to watch.


When this trailer comes on, I get about as giddy as a fat kid in a candy store. Jackie Robinson changed the game, and I believe this movie will show the world what he did. Harrison Ford, of course, will play an incredible role, and his friend, Pee-Wee, looks like a great character and a good friend to Robinson. Watch and enjoy.

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

Steve Carell never really disappoints. Buscemi is always a safe bet, and Jim Carrey, well, he’s Jim Carrey. (Watch old episodes of In Living Colour, because he was brilliant.) Olivia Wilde ain’t tough on the eyes.  I think this will be corny, but I really think it will be one to watch. 

Hyde Park on Hudson

Bill Murray is brilliant. Laura Linney is great. This is a great story and one that most of America does not know. It will be cool for us to watch this story unfold and to see a different side of an American legend.


The Call

You really don’t need to even watch the trailer. It isn’t good, it is a good concept with weird people in the main roles. Not sure Halle Berry screams someone who will save people’s lives. Remember, I warned you.

The Temptation

This is like most of his other movies. And with Kim K as a main character, not sure the Oscars will come calling.

Posted on January 28, 2013 .