Fundamentally Sound - January 28th

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(21)Cincinnati - 55 @ (3)Syracuse - 57

Syracuse is good. Syracuse is really good. The went into Louisville last week and beat the number one team, and then days later, went down to the wire with Cincy, coming out with a win. They were down by 7 with just five minutes left, but rallied, and Grant put in a shot with 19 seconds left, to win by 2. Boeheim is one of the best coaches in the league now, and will have this team ready for the month of February, because that is when it counts the most. Look for them to be a 1 or 2 seed.




(3)Kansas - 59 @ (11) Kansas State - 55

This game was all about defense. This is a low scoring game for the Big 12. You expect a game in the 70s, but this year, Kansas, like most years, is playing awesome defense. Bill Self has this team playing well. Kansas had 7 guys contributing points, none over 12, which is a cool stat. If you can win with this, you are playing lockdown defense. Holding McGruder to 12 and making someone else step up, was their plan, and it worked. The Jayhawks are for real, and look for them not to have their typical early exit from the tourney this year.

Check out some of the highlights, if you like defense



Texas Tech - 57 @ Texas - 73

Two pretty bad Big 12 teams battling it out to see who was worse. Tech took the cake. Poor Red Raiders, they are just real bad this year, and I think most people know it. Texas is not much better, both having 5 losses in Big 12 play. Julian Lewis is a good player, playing for a bad team.

Oklahoma - 54 @ Kansas - 67

As much as it pains me to say this, OU is a good team this year, not great, but good. They have some solid players, with Hield and Osby playing real well. But they aren’t Kansas, and Kansas is good. McLemore, my crush, played another outstanding game, scoring 18 points and 7 rebounds. If he keeps playing like this, there are not many teams that can. I will say it again, Kansas should be a 2 or 3 seed, if not a 1, and will go well past the Elite Eight.

Here is McLemore doing what he does best:

Baylor 82 @ TCU 56

When you talk about good basketball teams, TCU does not make it’s way into the conversation. I watch a lot of basketball, and I try not to watch the Horned Frogs ever play. But you should watch them once just to see how bad they are. I like TCU, mainly because my grandfather was an alum, but I can’t get behind their basketball team. They have not been this bad in conference play since the 78-79 season, when they were in the Southwest Conference. Baylor is good, 5-1 in conference play, easily being the second best team in the Big 12. If you get a chance, watch Pierre Jackson play, you will not be disappointed.

(5)Louisville - 51 @ Georgetown - 53

What can we say, a team can beat Duke, and then lose to Georgetown. You knew John Thompson would have his Hoyas ready, and ready they were. They share the same record as Louisville and this will will no doubt get them some nods for the top 25.

West Virginia - 66 @ Oklahoma State - 80

I won’t write a lot here, so I sound like a homer fan. The problem with OSU is the fact that they have the talent to play with anyone in the league, but they don’t have the coaching to play at that level. Phil Forte was 6-11 scoring  26 points. He has this ability, if the coaches can get him the ball. Markel Brown is slowly making a case for 1st team Big 12 honors.

Oklahoma State - 54 @ Baylor - 64

I was wrong. I was wrong. It wasn’t a homer pick, I promise, I just drank the Orange Juice I have been drinking my whole life. OSU is 1-21 on the road, which, if you are a betting man, bet against the Pokes 9 out of 10 times on the road. OSU went into Waco, and just could not keep up with the Bears. They outplayed the Pokes and went deep into their bench, with everyone contributing. Baylor is creeping its way to the #2 spot in the Big 12.

Georgetown - 63 at (20)Notre Dame - 47

Notre Dame was on track to win this game, but for some reason, the coach had built up a team of people from across the country, who he never met, but had talked to on the phone. When the game started, he was informed that they were not actual players, but in fact 13 year old girls creating a lie. He was known to scream “I’ve been Te’oed!!



(1)Duke - 63 @ (25)Miami - 90

Duke went on an 8 minute run without scoring a point. While that was happening, Miami decided to take advantage of an overmatched Blue Devil team. At half, Miami was up 42-19. Which may look like a Big 12 team playing a Big 10 team in football, but this was the first half of a basketball game. Duke was outmatched from the beginning, and one other thing, say it with me, this WAS NOT an upset. Going into Miami is not easy, and Duke proved that. Take a quiz with me; After the game, Miami fans

(A.) Cheered loudly in their seats

(B.) Rushed the court

(C.) Ran to the beach, stripped to nothing and celebrated the win

(B.) was the winner. When a ranked team wins, well you know my rant. Miami played great, put their foot on their neck and never let up. 

Northern Illinios - 25 @ E. Michigan - 42

This was not a football game, this was a college basketball game. The only reason I put this game on here, is the fact that they scored 4 points in the first half. FOUR POINTS!!! I am convinced that me and four friends could score at least 10 against any NCAA team. This was pathetic. Watch for yourselves.

(11)Kansas State - 73 @ Iowa State - 67

I knew Iowa State would do it at some point, just didn’t think it would be this game. Iowa State has played some great teams close (except for Texas Tech, which they lost to), and they were just waiting to actually win one of these close games. They did this with only 6 guys scoring points, and 8 total playing the entire game. Clyburn played for 36 minutes scoring 24 points and 10 rebounds, easily his best game this year. This was a great game to watch, if you missed it, here are some of the highlights:

(3)Syracuse - 71 @ Villanova - 75

This is a rushing the court game. When an unranked team beats a top 5 team, fans have every right to storm the court and rip their players jerseys off (yes, this almost happened). Nova played an incredible game and took down a great team, who was my favorite team to win the Championship a week ago. But like I said, real basketball does not start until now. You will start to see teams really settle into their ranks.

Upcoming Games

Villanova @ (24) Notre Dame

Villanova played an incredible game this weekend, and I think on Tuesday, comes out and plays another one. This is hard for me to pick this one, but I think Notre Dame is handed another loss.

Miami @ (18) NC State

This will be a great game to watch. Miami will come in ready to play, but I think NC State will pull this one off.

Kansas State @ Oklahoma

K State wins, but OU puts up a good fight in Norman. They are a good team, but the Wildcats will not let another one slip.

Ole Miss @ (8) Florida

Gators win, but this will be a fun game to watch. Look for a lot of offense.

Michigan @ (7) Indiana

Hoosiers pull of a win. I think Michigan may be one of the best offensive teams college basketball has seen in a while, but Indiana will be ready and will have their D fired up ready to shut down the Wolverines.

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