5 Moments of Greatness...Mad Men Edition


In honor of AMC's Madmen we look back at 5 moments of greatness from Don Draper and his hipster elite.

The Carousel

Don Draper drinks coffee cause he’s a closer. In this clip we get tosee, for one of the first times, the closing skills of the Don. We also get a picture into the double edged life he’s created. For a second there you almost believe he’s human. He’s not. He’s the Don.

It will shock you how much this didn't happen.

The closest thing the Don has to an equal in the first three seasons (before he starts losing his mind) is Peggy Olsen. Here he gives Peggy advice aft

er her pregnancy. Given his background it’s greatness because you see the both the demons and the realism that hounds the Don. Demons of his past but also the realism that we create whatever world we want to live in. Some folks will go their whole life not knowing that unavoidable truth, not Peggy Olsen.


Madmen has in many ways redefined women, sex appeal, and fashion by showing us what one fictitious advertising office in the 1960’s may have been. Joan runs the place because she has miscalculated where the glass ceiling is actually located but make no mistake Big Red is the lawgiver. Mad Men is a magnificent period piece full of smoking, drinking, racist, chauvinists that wouldn’t really be credible any other way.

Dick Whitman, the moment that made everything possible.

Ultra spoiler alert, don’t read this blog is you’re afraid of somethingbeing spoiled. The Don was once a guy named Dick Whitman. Now Dick is Don and Don is Dick and Dick is dead. Clear? Good moving on. The Don has his whole life in front of him. I bet he head to the big apple and works at an ad agency.

Who Cares?

Campbell is amazing at overplaying his hand. You know how I know I Vincent Kartheiser can act, because I hate Pete Campbell and after most Sunday nights I have vivid dreams of kicking his teeth in. The other greatness of this scene is the reaction of Bert Cooper. When he says, “Who cares?” and crushes Campbell’s little red wagon it is nailed down greatness. The cherry on top is when he offers The Don the chance to fire the little turd.

Posted on December 4, 2011 .