Astros Rebrand


What’s in a Name? Well a lot actually. Looks like new Astros ownership is “studying” the possibility of a name change.

In reality Jim Crane and the new ownership group is looking at everything and are committed to making some changes to help attendance, generate revenue and rebrand the team.

“We’re taking a look at everything,” Crane said when asked about the potential name change. “We’re going to do a study on it. We’re going to study the information, both from our fans and from all sorts of marketing people. I’m not saying we’re going to change. We haven’t made a decision. If the change is going to come, it’s going to come next year.”

So far they’re talking about flattening Tal’s Hill (thank goodness), new logos and uniforms, and a possible name change. Return of the Colt .45’s, surely not after the NBA’s Bullets became the Wizards.

The thinking is, apparently, the changes will help bring back fans. Attendance has dwindled from 37,000 fans a game in 2007 to 25,000 a game last season. The team is also lowering ticket prices and perhaps the biggest change of all, you now can bring your own sandwich and water to the ballpark. Hooray. The long national nightmare is over.

Crane and CEO George Postolos said it was the single most discussed issue in their meetings with season ticket holders.

“The comment that kept coming back specifically was in other cities when you go to a baseball game, you have the opportunity to bring your own water in or bring a sandwich in,” said Postolos, with Crane adding “that was a pretty easy decision for us.”

You know what really helps attendance? Winning. Not finishing last. Developing young talent that can compete. Not signing guys like Brett Myers and for the love of fielding DO SOMETHING WITH THIS BESIDES TROTTING HIM OUT TO LEFT! I’m going to give the new owners and front office the benefit of the doubt. If they do things like, I don’t know, sign draft picks and find trading partners outside of Tampa and Philly that could be huge.  

By the way, if your going to change the uniforms bring back these or at the very least these, they’re campy and wonderful and striped.

Posted on January 5, 2013 and filed under Sports.