Battle for Texas: Saturday

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Last day of fun from the Death Star. High School football in Texas goes into hibernation for a few months.


Denton Guyer 48 Georgetown 37

Denton Guyer hasn't been around as a school for very long but they've made an impact. They played for the title in 2010, this year they won the thing. Georgetown, the great sleeping giant of north Austin was awakened this season and had Guyer on the ropes. This game was all but over midway through the 3rd with the Eagles up 16. Guyer however roared back with four consecutive touchdown drives to take a 41-30 lead.

Guyer held on for the win. UT commit Jerrod Heard played like a major division 1 prospect. Passing and running for 100 yards respectively. He also ran for three TD's and threw for another. Georgetown's Jake Hubenak was also impressive for the Eagles throwing for 342 yards and three TD's.


Katy 35 Cedar Hill 24

Back in September I watched Katy dismantle the Woodlands putting up 28 first quarter points. The Tigers are as close to a college team in terms of size and skill as exist in Texas High School Football. They flexed their muscle again against Cedar Hill. Katy's offensive line and Nebraska commit Adam Taylor ran over the Longhorns with Taylor carrying the groceries 40 times for 277 yards and 5 TD's.

Cedar Hill has been a very good program for the past few years but they didn't have the depth to deal with Katy's size. Katy's defensive line featured OU commit Matt Dimon and Tim Wilkerson. Katy always seems to graduate a ton of talent and then always seems to come back to be dominant year after year.


Allen 35 Lamar 21

There was an oddity at the state finals this year, and HISD team made it's first appearance since Yates won back in 1985. Lamar was hardly was the surprise candidate having come out of nowhere to go 15-0 and beating North Shore and San Antonio O'Conner on the way. Allen built a stadium that almost any of the Texas' colleges or universities would gladly call home. Real estate won out as Allen never really seemed in doubt of winning this one.

Allen is becoming a machine. This years the Eagles beat Southlake Carroll, Desoto, Division II finalist Cedar Hill and Skyline.  This one was tied in at the end of the third at 21 but Allen hit a different gear in the fourth that, honestly, Lamar didn't have. Give it to the Redskins, short of resources, they gave it a great shot and Darrell Colbert, a junior might be the best HISD quarterback since one Vince Young.

Final Thoughts In Bullet Point Form

  • Quarterbacks are king. If you have one you have a chance. If you don't you better find one.
  • The spread has spread. Not a new development but 90% of the teams in the state finals ran some variation of the spread offense. Defenses surprisingly did a decent job defending the spread, in part because they see them almost every week.
  • Jerry Land is great setting for the event. For years folks have clamored for a single venue state title experience, now two years in this has become must see TV and a must plan for event. Almost 50,000 people attended Saturday nights final and all sessions seemed, on television, to be well attended. At $15 a day you can't beat the price to see 3 games at the most extravagant stadium in the world.
  • Out of fairness I should also say that the 6-Man finals in Abilene are apparently also pretty great. May have to make a trek out there for that as well as the Six-Man kick-off (if it still exists) in Hico.
  • Moment of the Finals: At one point the cameras caught the halftime band performance for one of the smaller classifications (I think it was Mart). What did we see? Three or four players in their uniforms, minus shoulder pads, playing various brass instruments and marching in the band. In a world of increasing specialization, it was refreshing to see kids and communities that think doing more than one thing is a good thing.
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