Things Men Shouldn't Do...Uggs Edition


Things Men Just Shouldn’t Do

I’m not claiming to be the prototypical male, but I think there are just a few universal things that a man shouldn’t do. Now I am not the most classy or cultured guy around, but I am not a neanderthal either. I like to think of myself as a man’s man but also a Renaissance man. I like hunting and fishing as well as independent films. I enjoy most all sports, and I love to cook. Think of me as the observational everyman. Again, there are just some common truths out there that, if broken, make the rest of the male species say huh? Thus begins a new, hopefully recurring SureBud column entitled Things Men Shouldn’t Do.

About a year ago, a good friend of mine, who lives a more urban lifestyle than the suburban one I lead, invited my wife and I over to dinner. At one point when the guys were just talking, he told me that I should get some Ugg boots. He went on an on about how comfortable they were. I don’t care how comfortable they are,

Men Shouldn’t Wear Uggs.

Now, I know what some of you are saying, ‘But Tom Brady wears them!’ No he doesn’t. You know why Tom Brady doesn’t wear them? Because he doesn’t exist. You’re trying to tell me there is a future Hall of Fame quarterback who has won three Super Bowls, hosted Saturday Night Live, met the Pope, and is married to a super model. Yeah right!? Even if that guy did exist, there would be no way he would wear girly Ugg boots!

Bottom line: they are just sissy looking boots that are worn and enjoyed by women of all ages. Women! Its like cross dressing for your feet, guys. If you have a male friend wearing Ugg boots, its time for an intervention. I realize that these boots may be more male friendly in places like Australia and parts of Europe and Asia. That may be well and good, but you still don’t see American males using boomerangs or wearing wooden shoes or white pants! So, men, unless you live in those aforementioned places, don’t wear Uggs.

No one here is calling into question your character, your sexuality, etc. Just don’t wear Ugg boots.


Don’t do it!


Posted on March 27, 2012 .