Dead Men Walking...A Review of AMC's The Walking Dead

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What’s up Walking Dead

When I first heard of this show, I gave it a big fat no thank you, for two reasons. The first being that I had plenty of other shows I was watching and I did not want to add another show. The second, and the more real one, was that I am a huge scaredy cat, I mean huge. Now I am not trying to be cool or get attention when I say that, it is true. The kind when I am in a movie and one of the trailers is “The House at the End of the Texas Chainsaw Massacres Knowing of What you did last summer on Elm Street”, I will get up and leave, sit outside the door, listening for my light and fluffy movie to start before walking back inside. And Zombies were pretty high on my list of things I was scared of. Well, I made a huge mistake not starting this show before I did, but I realized that it was not too late, and neither is it for you.


From the first episode, where Rick blows a little girl off her feet, two the capture of my favorite character by one of the worst villains ever in a show, I have been hooked. Here are some of the main reasons I kept watching and you should too.

  1. It is not that scary

If you were like me before this show, than you are saying “You’re an idiot Kyle, it can’t not be scary.” Honestly, it is not that jump out scary. Most of the show is them trying to escape the zombies. Very rarely is there ever a scene where they are walking through a dark corridor and zombies jump out at them. The show has done them zombies the way I would picture zombies. They can’t really move very accurately, they usually make a lot of noise, so you know where they are, and they are not very smart. There are some suspenseful scenes, but none that will make you pee your pants. 

However, it is gory, real gory. Apparently, when you become a zombie, you get super sharp teeth, razor sharp finger nails and the most powerful jaws in the world, because those suckers can rip through flesh like its going out of style. Here are a couple of the grossest things on the show (If you can handle these, you can handle anything)

  • One of the characters gets his entire chest ripped open by a walker (which is what we in the group call them), and you see the whole thing
  • A sword cuts open a walker and the guts spill onto a character, and you can anatomically identify all the parts
  • To avoid the walkers, the characters dismantle one, and proceed to spread everything they take out of him onto themselves
  • There is one extended scene that I do not want to ruin, but women who are mom’s I think you could handle it
  1. The characters

They are some of the best ever written. I mean ever written, mainly because they are believable. If this thing really happened and you got some random southerners together, I feel like this group is what you would get. They are fighting for their lives, trying to stay alive, and they are doing the best they can with what they have. As the show starts, you are introduced to the group that you will begin to follow and learn to love. Some die, some don’t, yet at least.

Rick - the groups leader, not really by choice. Everyone looks to him to make the choices, and you can tell he doesn’t really love making them.

Lori - Rick’s wife. My wife does not like her. She is pretty annoying and strings some people along, but her role is awesome in the show

Shane - Rick’s bestie. They butt heads a lot, because Shane is a loose cannon and rick is just trying to keep people alive. 

Glen - His development is one of the best. You meet him and he is kind of this timid, nerdy, unassuming guy. By the end of the second season and well into the third, he is one of the baddest characters. (Bad=Good)

Dale - The sage of the group. He is wise and trustworthy, but at times can be obnoxious

Darryl - My fave and the other best developed character. You can not learn to love him and the work he does and role he plays.

Carl - Rick and Lori’s son. He is kind of a dopey at the beginning and then grows up real fast

Andrea - Very strange character. I do not like her at all, which means she is a playing her role so well. By the third season, she turns some weird corners

Carol - Sophia’s mom. She becomes a vital character and is pretty loving and offers some good, random comic relief

T-Dog - A great loyal guy, has a couple of moments you hate, but all in all, always there for the group

This is the main group. In the second season they meet another group they join with, the main characters being

Hershel - Old farmer who loves his family, has crazy theories about the walkers, and will do anything to not leave his farm.

Maggie - Hershel’s daughter, not much for a while, but develops well into Glen’s woman (and a Volkov from Chuck if you were into that show)

The rest are not that important, yet. 

And the last one I want to mention is the Governor. He is introduced the first season, and is a whack job. You can’t tell if you like him or not, but by the end of his first episode, you make up your mind pretty quick. The winter finale was amazing, and left you wanting to jump through the tv to kill him yourself.

  1. This could really happen

I know this is a long shot, and you may disagree with me, but this could happen. I was never a huge Lost fan. The first two seasons were amazing, some of the best ever. Then, at some point, they through time travel into the mix. Really, time travel, if we have learned anything from Doc Brown and Marty, it’s that time travel can never result in anything good. It was at this point in the show, that they show ‘lost’ me (like that pun). The same with a show called Heroes, throw in time travel, and ANYTHING is possible, I mean anything. 

What I love about the walking dead is that there is no dinosaurs, no polar bears running through the town, no super power weapons to destroy the walkers, no super powers, no situations where you find yourself going “Just do this, and everything will work out” or what I like to call common senseless. This could happen. Will it, no, but it could. My wife and I are already stockpiling guns, food, water, swords and twinkies for it.

  1. Surprises and Reality

There are two times in the show, that have been the best on TV. To the point where I was yelling at the tube “How could you do that?” It was emotionally draining for me.

Except for Rick, the leader, everyone could die. In some shows you watch, you are thinking, okay, they are not killing Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sawyer, Monica, Chandler, etc. In The Walking Dead, all bets are off. You have no idea if a character is going to make it out alive, and I will tell you this, some of the main characters don’t.

  1. The Main reason you should watch

My wife watches it. If she can watch it, ANYONE can watch it. I make a living scaring her every night before we go to bed. Wherever we are, I have to sleep in the bed closest to the door. She is scared when the ice maker drops ice into the tray. She closes her eyes when I have a hang nail and make my finger bleed. SHE WATCHES IT. And she loves it!!! And says it’s the best show she has ever seen.

There is a lot of crap out there. How ‘2 Broke Girls’, ‘Vampire Diaries’, Two and a half men’, ‘House of Payne’ and a slew of others are still on, make me cringe. It is a show like the Walking Dead that make me believe in society and think they can make it in the future.

Posted on January 7, 2013 .