Documented: Catfish Edition

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The other day, my wife and I got sucked into a movie called Catfish. It was one of those movies that you start to watch, and the entire time, you are telling yourself, "Ok, let's see what happens with these psychos, and then I will go do the laundry." The only problem is that you never get up to do the laundry. Instead, you stay glued to the couch because you can't imagine yourself missing what is about to happen. In a nutshell, Nev, the main character, meets a girl on Facebook (which I think we can all agree is the best, most honest way to meet someone), starts a relationship with her, has the whole thing filmed, starts to question if it is really her, and then absolute pandemonium ensues. I will not ruin it, you need to watch it. 

Well, MTV, in all their wisdom and desire to create the worst shows in the world that you have to watch, decided to take the pain and suffering Nev went through, and film other smart, well to do Americans going through the same thing. Well MTV, my hat is off to you, because we have watched close to 5 of the episodes. (2 of them on our Anniversary, I know what you're thinking, way to give her the world) I am not sure there is a show that has done so many things to me:

1. Sucked me in. From the opening scene, you are hooked to see what kind of freak awkwardness the character is going to face. You will try to turn the station, but your mind won't let you.

2. Has me screaming and verbally abusing the TV. There are not many things that do that; OSU sports, Parenthood (crying) and when there is a commercial for 2 Broke Girls, are about it. But while watching Catfish, I am screaming me shock and awe and the screen. What are some of the best endings of a movie - Usual Suspects and Seven are my tops. Well, each show feels like one of these endings, you are shocked at what you find out. 

 3. Made me question society - You tend to feel sorry for a lot of these people. They get sucked in to a web of lies and you get to watch as that web unravels. "Surely these people must know they are in trouble" I continually find myself saying. And every time, you watch their world come crashing down. These are the people we live in community with.  

 You have to watch it, it is an hour long train wreck you can't pull away from.

Posted on January 10, 2013 .