Throwback Thursday

How about a little Red River Shootout from 1984 on a Throwback Thursday! The Longhorns and Sooners tangled in Big D and get this kids...they tied! I know, you see back then a football game, like a soccer match, could end in a tie. Right! My mind is blown too.

The rain can't stop BULLETS! 

  • Check the astroturf they laid out in the Cotton Bowl. There was cement under that folks. So we've got artificial grass for a 1/2 inch then a parking lot. Seems safe.  
  • Fred Akers was the coach for the Horns back in 1984. You can see him at midfield at the end of that clip looking for Barry Switzer. Switzer was busy screaming at an official.  
  • One Todd Dodge was the quarterback for Texas that day. He went on to coach Southlake Carroll to legendary school boy status. He left the Dragons to take an arguably lesser paying gig with UNT. Coppell ain't on the schedule Todd.
  • BYU were named National Champions in 1984 and Doug "Flutie Flakes" Flutie won the Heisman.  
  • Texas ended the 1984 campaign 7-4-1. OU finished 9-2-1.  
  • Beverly Hills Cop came out in 1984. This gave us a glimpse at the short run of good Eddie Murphy films. Well this and Boomerang.  
  • Enjoy the Pointer Sisters and the banana in the tailpipe.