The Red River Shocker

OU - 20 vs Texas - 36

Was it a shocker? Let's look at a few factors: Texas looked like a middle school team when they played BYU; they struggled against Iowa State; lost to a good Ole Miss team; beat a K-State team that didn't have their best QB developed; have one of the best coaches in the league; are the University of Texas football program. OU - Struggled against WVU, had a tough time against a down TCU team, and has not found a defense all year. Was it a shock? I'm not saying I thought UT had a chance, I picked OU. But after watching the game, maybe we shouldn't be surprised.

Texas dominated for most of the game. In fact, the pick 6 at the end of the first quarter, to me was the end of the game. After that, Bell looked confused, the D looked lazy, Stoops looked pissed and the entire team looked lost. Bell was unsettled in the backfield and could not find his receivers. When Daje Johnson returned the punt for a TD, you knew it was over. The kicking team gave up on that play. You saw the OU harness their best Texas and miss a crap load of tackles. Texas showed up, OU got stuck in the fry tent in awe of the most recent fatty food made fattier by deep frying it.

Whenever you have 2 guys rush for 120 yards, chances are you are going to win. That opened up the offense for the Longhorns and helped Case get settled. Case was nothing spectacular, but he was good. His interception came towards the end of the game when the Longhorns were already on their way to the Ferris wheel to celebrate. OU is okay, they are still going to win games because Stoops is kicking tail as we speak, but they were caught sleeping on Saturday. The Longhorns took advantage of everyone saying they didn't have a chance.


Throw -  

Blake Bell (OU) - 12 for 26, 133 yards, 0 TD, 2 INT, -27 yards rushing

Case McCoy (UT) - 13 for 21, 190 yards, 2 TD, 1 INT

Run -  

Johnathan Gray (UT) - 123 yards

Malcolm Brown (UT) - 120 yards

Catch -  

Lacoltan Bester (OU) - 5 rec, 70 yards

Jaxon Shipley (UT) - 5 rec, 59 yards


Unfortunately, we have to wait 2 weeks to see if Texas is back. I am not sure if they are back back, but I think they are back. They go to Fort Worth in 2 weeks to play TCU, You may be thinking this is a road game, but after the awesome turn out from the Horned Frogs on Saturday and the way the Longhorns travel, this will be a home game for Texas, as you can see from the awesome fan support in Fort Worth.


OU plays Kansas this weekend. And we all know how capable Kansas is at losing games