The Starting 11

This guy obviously watches a lot of soccer and hates America

NFL reviewing a defensive players hit, one guess who it is 

We all like graphs, right? This will make you say on of two things. "Wow, this guy really did his research" or "This guys a loser."

How many of these do you hate, if any? 

I don't care what your reason, if you cheer an injured player, you should take your car off a bridge. You have no class, enjoy Two Broke Girls, and are not American. 

This is a terrible case. And for those of you out there saying "Well it may not have been his son" or "He didn't really know him" shut  your mouth. A 2 year old died. I don't care who is dad was or may have been, that is tragic. 

Even a QB thinks the new NFL rules are making it difficult on tacklers


Wait, they play football on Thursday nights? I thought that was Parenthood night. 


Is football better than baseball? 

Peyton a little peeved after his victory, I mean, it is an NFL team

Beer, stupid people and guns, what could go wrong? 

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