Throwback Thursday: Arkansas vs. Houston 1988

Throwback Thursday goes indoors for this one as Arkansas beats Houston 26-21 back in 1988. This game was played in the Astrodome kids. That's the large pointless domed structure next to the carnival rides at the rodeo. The Astros played there too. It was a magical place. Now it's an economic albatross wrapped around Harris County's neck.  

What comes next? BULLETS: 

  • First off, this was another brilliant Raycom production: Three cameras, two announcers, one unforgettable Saturday afternoon.
  • You forget how good Andre Ware and the Cougs were until you see these clips. U of H ran the run-n-shoot, an offense that no one could stop, well...until suddenly they could. 
  • Jack Pardee coached the Cougars, you can see him in these clips much like he was with the Oilers, cup of water, no headphones, not a care in the world.  
  • Arkansas was running the wishbone right there. When run properly it was a thing of beauty, when run poorly, as it was during my junior year of high school, you put up 2 wins.  
  • The run-n-shoot and the wishbone can now both be viewed with your park hopper pass at the Houston Museum of Offensive History.  
  • Arkansas went 10-2 and won the old SWC. We let foreigners in the league back then. Big mistake.  
  • Houston went a very respectable 9-3.  
  • Barry Sanders won the Heisman in 1988. He went on to play for Detroit and win numerous Super Bowl titles. Part of that may be incorrect. I was listening to a lot of hair metal in the late 80's which may skew my memory of certain events.
  • Notre Dame was named the National Champs. Pricks.
  • 1988 Introduced us all to John McClane and Die Hard. Yes it was 40 Stories of Sheer Adventure.  
  • 25 years later they're still making Die Hard spin offs, but they ain't making 'em like this no more.  
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