Gear Head: Baylor's Gold Rush

So Baylor went and did it. They mirrored out on us.  

Awesome video guys. Really. Top notch. So do coaches designate practice time for player modeling? At this point I feel like they have to. Is it just me or do the uniforms have a decided blue tint in that video? Maybe it's just me, because the helmets look like they have a funny sheen as well.  


Oh snap ladies, it ain't just me. There's gold in them there helmets. Literally. They are made of gold. Oklahoma State take note, stop paying your players in cash, start paying them in lumps of precious metals.  

The players love them. The students love them, almost as much as they did sugar when it was introduced to the Baylor campus in 2007. I would say "go home Baylor, you're drunk"  but you literally have to go home from Baylor if you are in fact drunk.

You can take solace in the fact that you are now almost as cool as Western Kentucky. The Hilltoppers busted these out a few weeks ago and they wear them full time so...semi scoreboard...WKU..?....?!?????....I have no idea how to score this one.  

And one correction...

A few weeks ago we said we like Maryland's hand crafted helmets. These dad gum things.  


We were wrong. Oh so wrong. I caught the Terps on TV sporting these lids and you know what they looked like on TV?  


Pretty much like that except players were moving. I had a seizure and two counseling sessions after 15 minutes of game time. Sure Bud and its subsidiary Gear Head would like to issue you a formal apology. By way of a peace making gift, may we offer the following. PUPPIES RUNNING TOWARDS A CAMERA!

Posted on October 2, 2013 and filed under Southwest Round-Up, Sports.