Snap Judgments aka The Show Me State Showed Us.

Yesterday was the Arab Spring of college football. Titans were toppled and now we're left with a giant burning heap and radical factions vying for power. 

So how'd the Top 10 do yesterday?

Poof, it's gone. Top 10 squads, Clemson, LSU, Texas A&M, UCLA, and Louisville all lost. There goes the neighborhood.  

Meanwhile Art Briles and Gary Pinkel keep kicking the status quo teams squarely in the shins and my man does it smart.  

By the way, Florida State is either really, really good or the upper echelon of the ACC is as soft as a case of Jello Pudding cups. Man I love pudding.  

Where's the Loss

Let's play our favorite week 8 game: Where's. The. Loss. We'll take two teams who are currently undefeated and you tell us what keeps them from running the table. Let's start with Baylor. 


 Burn it down boys. ALL OF IT!

Burn it down boys. ALL OF IT!

Baylor - Where's the loss?

@ Kansas - Sorry Charlie, no way.

OU - I'm gonna say this because no one else has the guts to do it: Baylor will beat OU like it owes them money. Like beats 'em by 30. These are the hot sports opinions you pay for 'Merica.  

Texas Tech - Luv you Kliff, not gonna happen. 

@ OSU - Threat level ZEBRA! Circle the wagons Baylor! Hide your women! The Gundy Cometh!

@ TCU - Like TCU can score 20. Good luck with that Gary.  

Texas - You know how Art Briles has been  resting his starters in the second half? Yeah, he'll play 'em for five quarters if he can.  

Here's the trick: Even if Baylor wins out, there strength of schedule will do them in if 'Bama, FSU, Oregon, Mizzou, or Ohio State, in any combination finish unblemished.

Mizzou - Were's the loss?

South Carolina - Steve Spurrier lives for walking into a guys house and eating his french fries. That's a solid maybe.

Tennessee  -  Hmmmmmmm. Tempting but no.

at Kentucky  - Sorry third Stoops brother.

at Ole Miss  - I'm gonna say another solid maybe, provided Ole Miss is healthy and provided Dr. Bo doesn't go Jack Kevorkian on his own team. Maybe I should downgrade this to a meh-be. See what I did there. 

Texas A&M  - So...A&M can't stop Arkansas and we're expecting better against Missouri. Sorry Johnny.

Mizzou has a tougher stretch and then guess what they get? A trip to the SEC title game against 'Bama. Good luck with that Gary Pinkle. if we win the SEC East we have to play who? if we win the SEC East we have to play who? 

Introducing Deontay Greenberry

 World, Deontay Greenberry. Deontay Greenberry, World.  

World, Deontay Greenberry. Deontay Greenberry, World.  

Deontay meet our 9 readers. Don't pay attention to Steve, his mouth always makes that whistling sound. Readers this is Deontay.

Greenberry has 50 catches, 5 TDs and averages almost 14 yards a grab. All that with three different quarterbacks throwing to him this season. Yesterday against the Stormin Mormons he had 11 catches and 2 touchdowns. Did we mention he's a sophomore? Did we mention he caught 47 balls all of last year? Well now we have. 

Houston is 4-Real

The Cougs lost by one to BYU dropping to 5-1.  Next week's game at Rutgers is HUGE for U of H. Then they get UCF and Louisville, both on the road in back to back weeks. Them's the breaks in the gauntlet that is the AAC. 

Reality is a Tough Pill to Swallow

TCU misses the Mountain West

Gary Patterson, Wyoming ain't walking through that door. Remember the days of BCS bowls and undefeated seasons? Welcome to going 7-6 and hoping to make the Poinsettia Bowl Frogs.

 It's ok Johnny, it's not like expectations were unreasonably high. 

It's ok Johnny, it's not like expectations were unreasonably high. 

A Tale of Two Seasons

A&M could match last year's win total. Remember those days Ags. The future was bright, you had a Heisman trophy winner, a hot new coach, and all you can eat shrimp. Now you've got a defense that can't stop, well, anything and a Heisman trophy winner who's looking as frail as a 5'11 180 pound guy playing quarterback in the SEC. Last year was an unmitigated success, this year could look similar in W's and L's but be unmitigated disaster. 

You're the fourth best team in the SEC West. That's called reality. It's a cold heartless lover. 

Parting Shot

Let's talk a little FCS, the Southland is the toughest conference top to bottom in all of college football regardless of classification. Think about this, Sam Houston has been to the past two FCS title games and is a top 10 squad that may not make the playoffs. Last night McNeese, another top 10 team beat the Bearkats in Lake Charles. Throw in top 25 team Central Arkansas, upstart Southeastern Louisiana and a very good team will be watching the FCS playoffs come December.