The Starting 11

Steve Smith is still good at football, and he wants all of the young, snot nosed brats not to forget it. 

Is Jamaal Charles a dirty player? Cushing and Watt may have an answer. 

The Patriots had a random, weird rule called against them, and they were pissed. But remember, they were instrumental in creating a rule. I think it's a fair trade. 

Lebron isn't Bo Jackson, so why try to be? 

Let's take a break from the NFL and talk about the Pro Bowl. Make no mistake, they are two different things. Even Ed Hochuli thinks so. 

Unfortunately, this story and others similar will not get enough air time. For some reason, talking about this is frowned upon and makes people uncomfortable. Well get over it and can we live in a world where it is okay to talk about this openly. 

Bum Phillips was an NFL staple, and his son dedicated Sunday's game to him. How could you not like Bum. 

So this may happen. But we all know SI's credibility. 

Posted on October 21, 2013 .