12 From Texas...The Innaugural Southwest Round-Up Rankings

Unlike those bootleg AP and Coach's Polls, we at the Round-Up, in partnership with the mothership Surebud, won't be accused of premature poleinazation. Nope, we wait on a solid sample size before we reduce a college football season down to an arbitrary rating system.  


Thanks for helping vanquish Iowa State

Thanks for helping vanquish Iowa State

1. Go ahead and dance BAYLOR it's your week in the barrel!

  • The Good: Baylor has beaten five of its six opponents down to the white meat.  
  • The Bad: Buffalo, Wofford, and ULM are three of those opponents. Throw in West Virginia and you've played the same strength of schedule as Midway High School.  

2. Get your guns up and then put'em back before the gov'ment takes 'em TEXAS TECH is taking number 2.  

  • The Good: Dreamy Kliff and the Red Raiders are 7-Oh my goodness he's is handsome.  
  • The Bad: Enjoy it Tech. It's about to get real up in here with your remaining 5 games including a quick drive up to Norman.  

3. Shocker of Shockers those pesky HOUSTON Cougars are number 3!

  • The Good: You really went all out in losing to BYU. Had you won that we promise you would have been number 1. No seriously. Like totes.  
  • The Bad: Three of your next four are on the road against losable opponents. Is that even a word "losable"? U of H is about to find out. 
The view never changed on Saturday.  

The view never changed on Saturday.  

4. You may not be able to stop the run, but you sure can stop our hearts TEXAS A&M . 

  • The Good: Johnny Football is the greatest player since Tim Tebow AND he throws a spiral. Bam.  
  • The Bad: Your defense in Manny Diazian in its failures, and the SEC ain't getting any easier down the stretch. 

5. The Eyes of TEXAS are at number 5. 

  • The Good: You didn't even have to play this week and you're a top 5 team. Enjoy that Longhorn fans.
  • The Bad: An array of Big 12 offenses await your arrival from here on in. You know the kind that score 70 and stuff.  

6. You're just smart enough to get into the upper half RICE .

  • The Good: You're 5-2 and sitting in the cat bird seat of C-USA West.  
  • The Bad: Even if you win out, you've got a 50/50 shot at being sent to the Heart of Dallas Bowl. Surebud has been unable to confirm that this is an actual bowl.  

7. Give it up for the Mean Green of NORTH TEXAS  sitting pretty in the meaty part of the curve.  

  • The Good: You've won a hole 2 games in a row! Isn't that cute. Good for you guys. 
  • The Bad: Not much bad here actually. Every game on your remaining schedule is winnable. Do that and we might get you as high as 6.  
Seriously, it's called a Touchdown.  

Seriously, it's called a Touchdown.  

8. How the mighty have fallen at TCU . 

  • The Good: Hey, at least there isn't a drug scandal this year. Am I right?  
  • The Bad: At first we thought your offense struggled against good teams. Now we know it sucks against everyone.  

9. Let's just say that TEXAS STATE   has been quietly not as bad as we thought. 

  • The Good: You're 4-3 with at least 3 winnable games left in 2013. 
  • The Bad: You're in the Sun Belt, so finishing with 7 wins doesn't guarantee you a bowl game, let alone one that anyone might watch.  

10. Riding high after hanging on to sort of beat Memphis convincingly SMU checks in.  

  • The Good: Hey guys, you got a win in the AAC! 
  • The Bad: You somehow turned a 30 point lead into a nail-biter against Memphis. We need to watch the tape to see how ANY of that is possible. 
Wins will be hard earned from here on in UTSA. 

Wins will be hard earned from here on in UTSA. 

11.  It's homecoming week for your 11th ranked UTSA Roadrunners!

  • The Good: 2 weeks ago you guys played Rice to within 7 points.  
  • The Bad: If you don't beat UAB on Saturday there might not be another win on the schedule.  

12. Not so much last, but just not anywhere near first: UTEP .

  • The Good: Well, you sure kicked the crap out of New Mexico State.  
  • The Bad: All you've been able to do is kick the crap out of New Mexico State.