Instant Analysis: Week 9

So my hand might be broken. Which makes typing a lot of fun, at least the swelling and pain doesn't hurt as bad as Gary Patterson's feeling right now. Pencils  out everyone, let's see what we learned yesterday.

 How many schools can pay Charlie to NOT coach? 

How many schools can pay Charlie to NOT coach? 

  • We're witnessing the last gasps of Charlie Weis' coaching career. Given the way he's recruited at Kansas in a couple of years folks in Lawrence will be longing for the halcyon days Turner Gill.
  • Let's just go ahead and agree that no one should bet against Case McCoy. That odd looking duck has been nails for the Longhorns and Mack might have been right when he said they're going to win the big 12. Somebody has to right?
  • Oregon will now officially began what we will call the gang green offensive as they seek to erase all doubt that they rather than Florida as the Cougars annihilated Rutgers up in New Jersey on Saturday. When will they start getting top 25 votes?
  • By the way if for doing a real top 25, mother nature should be somewhere in the top three. She stole the show on Saturday in Norman and Fort Worth.
 The Bud's new mostest favorite player of all. 

The Bud's new mostest favorite player of all. 

  • The bud has a new favorite player. Jayson Carter rice all 4-9, 135 pounds of him made his debut. The walk-on sophomore got one carry in one yard, he may not be able to ride anything to Six Flags three Division I football player and we love that about him. Here's to you Mr. Carter, keep doing what you do.
  • So Buffalo, Duke, and Tulane are all bowl eligible. Georgia, Florida, and Nebraska aren't.
  • Abilene Christian, a Division II school until this year almost beat New Mexico State Saturday night in Las Cruces. The Wildcats ran the old "Hail Mary then run to the 4 yard line and get tackled" play to end the game. Sadly it worked to perfection. 

Now if you'll excuse me I need to get back to rotating between ice and heat, as always thanks for your support.