Land Rush

Well, Oklahoma had a good day of football on Saturday, which is a sigh of relief. The Sooners and Cowboys have been struggling over the past few weeks, but have hopefully caught their stride. So wipe that red dirt off of your face and let's check out the games: 

Texas Tech - 30 @ OU - 38

If you didn't watch this game, you missed a great game. The biggest point margin was 14 at one point, but that only lasted for about 50 seconds. OU is a difficult team to gauge this year. What are they? They started off the year with lofty aspirations, but after the Knight Project, decided he was taking them nowhere fast and switched to Bell. They got some traction and then ran smack dab into the Longhorns. I think they have started to get themselves ready for the year, and it only took 6 games.

After an hour and a half delay, the game started, and you could tell by each team. I think everyone expected this game to be well into the 90s by third quarter, but by halftime, it was 7-14, with OU leading. Once they came out after halftime, it was a different game. They doubled their first half score by the end of the game. Here are a few take-a-ways from the game: 

- Kliff Kingsbury doesn't care. The Bud had a story the other day about Kliff and the Gang, and one of our points was that Kliff and the Raiders have nothing to lose, and this game proved it. An onside kick that early in the game proves that you believe in your team. Now Kliff cares, but he also doesn't. What were the expectations put on him when he got to Lubbock. I promise top 10 was at the top of their list of things probably not going to happen. When a coach with talent on and off the field has this much confidence, the rest of the conference is in trouble

- OU is gaining ground. Once the put Blake in, they started to play like the Sooners should play. They need to let him run. Once he gets momentum, he is next to impossible to stop. 

- The Sooner defense is finally taking form. They are slowly becoming the team they had been in the past. They are moving up the charts and may possibly be even with Baylor in the Big 12. 

- Tech is going to be good for a while. The freshmen QB stays in the game and gets drilled, and then pops right back up. He is only going to get better. Kids are going to want to go play for him, even if it is in Lubbock. 

This was a good game for the conference and for each team. Tech played their hearts out, but the Sooners just played harder. 

Iowa State - 27 @ OSU - 58

This score is a little bit deceiving. OSU stomped them, that is correct, but this score does not really describe the game. OSU still does not have a QB. They had one for a couple of quarters, and then he took a break. Clint Chelf had most of his passes hit his receivers below the waist, and only had 78 yards passing. Now he did rush for 79 yards, which I guess can be a make up for that. 

Iowa State played well. There QB came in and scared the Cowboy fans. The problem the Cyclones have is that they just aren't a very good team. They struggle on defense, not being able to keep up with the receivers (they had 3 bad interference calls on them that helped the Cowboys), their offense line is pretty weak at times, letting the defense past them (allowing 3 sacks), and don't have much of a running game (only 2 RBs combined for 68 yards)

Here is my one take-a-way from the game: 

- OSU is not the same they were two years ago, yet the media thinks they are. Their strengths for years (QB, RB, Kicker, and Offensive line) are now their negatives. Their weaknesses for years (Defense and depth at WR) are now their strengths. They don't have a QB. Ask anyone, and you have no idea who is starting next weekend. They finally had a RB do something this week, but it was the first all year. Their kicker is average, and their O-line falls apart. Now, their defense is keeping them in games and they have about 16 receivers on the team who can actually play. But I think we are going to see them lose 2 - 3 more games and end up in Houston or Dallas for a bowl game. 

Posted on October 28, 2013 .