Starting 11

Ok, ok, who of us hasn't slipped up and given someone the finger once in a while. Apparently, during a game, a coach isn't supposed to use that finger. 

No Middle Finger.png

You know how people like to compare athletes that didn't play at the same time. Like Jordan vs. Lebron. Or McGuire vs. Ruth. Or Air Bud vs. He Hate Me. Well, let's discuss another comparison that will never get resolved. 


And I am sure Dez Bryant isn't happy that he's not in the conversation. Let's add that to the never ending list of things he's unhappy about. 

Some say Dez was being immature. One guy said he is the only Cowboy playing with passion, I will let you guess who that is. 

The NFL sent a videotape to everyone with this warning, because apparently 32 different phone calls would have taken too much time. 

This guy's ready to coach again. Who is going to call him; Houston, Jacksonville, Giants, Texas? 

So this guy is not a viable option for the Eagles anymore, which begs the question, was he ever an option? 


So this is the answer to the Redskins team name problem. Yes, I know, get all of your Mel Gibson jokes out of the way. But to me, it sounds like a Disney movie. 

Posted on October 28, 2013 .