Throwback Thursday: TCU/OU from 2005


Anyone else remember this one? Gary Blood in the Eye Patterson's signature win before those other signature wins. The Frogs turned college football on its ear that day. As Jack Burton would say they shook the pillars of heaven. Damn Right.  

Watch out - BULLETS! 

  • TCU would go 11-1 in 2005. You know what that got'em. A trip to Houston and the Texas Bowl. Wow. The Mountain West's bowl tie-ins sucked.
  • TCU's one loss? To the dad-gum SMU Mustangs. The skillet lived in Dallas that year my friend and Dallas was better for it.  
  • OU would go 8-4 and go to a better bowl, the Holiday Bowl, where they would beat Oregon.   
  • Bob Stoops played defensive back at Iowa. Just saying.  
  • More intense backyard football games: The Stoops Brothers or the Harbaugh Brothers or the Flying Pelinis. You decide. As for me I'll take the Petrnos with the motorcycle crashing and neck braces.
  • 2005 was an awful year in music. We could apply that sticker to almost any year post 1988.  
  • I'm going to post a Mariah Carey video now. You've been warned.