Baylor Has Removed the Tarp!


In anticipation of their showdown with OU, and because this is the greatest season in Baylor football since...well, ever, Baylor has removed the tarp from the south endzone. The cynic in me might say this move is to allow for more OU and Texas fans to invade the Case but then again you never know, there may be Bears in them seats. Seats being an operative term because I've seen more comfortable spots in the inmate section of the prison rodeo.


This now forever answers the question of what was under the tarp. As for me, I always assumed it was the shekinah glory, this being Baylor and all, or some loose ends from the Dave Bliss era. (Too soon?)

Regardless, well done Baylor. Now if can just get Jacksonville to pull down the tarps in their stadium. This may take some time. 

Posted on October 31, 2013 and filed under Southwest Round-Up, Sports.