Throwback Thursday: 1973 SMU/Texas Tech

We missed throwback Thursday last week due to injury. We are fully recovered enough to type. Let's get a little two-for in just so you don't feel slighted. This is a gem from 1973, Texas Tech hosting SMU and a bonus Baylor at A&M tacked on the back. Don't adjust your computer that's a classic 70's tint.  

While I was out I went ahead and got MORE BULLETS! 

  • SMU looks an awful lot like Ohio State there, that may have been the point.  
  • That's astrotuf kids. A synthetic grass that saved on water bills but robbed men of their skin and ACL's at record pace.  
  • You'll notice in both highlights, EVERY TEAM IS RUNNING THE OPTION! 
  • Someday we'll say the same thing about the spread.  
  • SMU would go 6-4-1 and Tech would go 11-1.  
  • Tech won all of its games except that one against Texas, so guess what? No Cotton Bowl for you. Instead they went to the Gator Bowl and beat Tennessee.  
  • Notre Dame won the AP National Title while Alabama won the Coaches Poll.  
  • Couldn't figure a way to work that out I guess.  
  • 1973 also gave us the Al Pacino classic "Serpico." If you ever wanted to know what the 70's were like in four minutes, it's this trailer.
  • Hollywood took a different approach to trailers back then and by different I mean they had no earthly idea what the hell they were doing. Enjoy. 

Posted on October 31, 2013 and filed under Southwest Round-Up, Sports.