OSU vs K-state

This was a very telling game for the Cowboys. And the tell?? They just aren't as good as everyone says they are. If you bought into the hype at the beginning of the season, then you bought into the high powered offense that was going to mow over opponents, score 60 points a game, and have drive averages of about 2 minutes. Instead, we have seen them fail on the road to a bad West Virginia and struggle at home against a sub-par Kansas State team.

Is this what we can expect from the Cowboys for now on? 

Who would have thought the Cowboy D would win games for them? 

Watching the Pokes is confusing for everyone. We are just so spoiled to have them come out firing and their opponents praying they can score as much as them. This is a different year. Defense and Special Teams is going to need to step it up, big time and not just rely on the offense.  Hopefully, booing a college kid will not become the norm.


Pass - JW Walsh - 24 for 38. 245 yds, 1 TD

Daniel Sams - 15-21. 181, 2 TD, 3 INT

Rush - Jeremy Smith - 56 yards, 1 TD

Daniel Sams - 118 yards, 1 TD

Catch - Seales - 87 yards

Gronkowski - 67 yards, 1 TD



Posted on October 7, 2013 .