You just never know in the Big 12 anymore. OU and Baylor are clearly the front runners, but after this weekend, does Baylor have the edge over OU.

OU struggled against a struggling TCU team that was supposed to be a contender in the Big 12. It is still early, but the Horned Frogs have been a let down. The Sooners were looking to make a climb, but were slowed a little bit after this weeks performance. Don't get me wrong, they are clearly the second best team in the Big 12. With Bell leading the team, they will remain in that position.


Pass: Boykin - 16-26, 166 yards

Bell - 20-31, 152 yards

Run: Clay - 111 yards, 1 TD

James - 22 yards

Catch: Neal - 42 yards

Porter - 45 yards

The Sooners D looks great, holding TCU to around 200 yards of offense. If they can keep this up, their chances are great in the conference. They play Texas this week, and I think Texas will be in over their heads

Posted on October 7, 2013 .