College Basketball

I know we are knee deep into football, but we at the bud like all sports, expect for cricket and baseball. We are not going to spend a lot of time on this, at all, but just wanted to give you are who look for. Sporting News already did a ton of work for us, so check it out here to see the preseason top 25. 


These teams are good and will go far: 

Kentucky - they are back and they are going to be dangerous this year. Julius Randle leads a team full of McDonald's All-American and NBA draft picks into the season. They will make them forget about their early exit last year. 

Louisville - will they be able to continue their dominance? They are going to have a tough year repeating what they did last year. But they are still a great team. 

Kansas - they are always my heartbreak team. You bet on them, and then they lay the biggest egg possible in the tourney. But look at their roster, you would be a fool not to pick them as a favorite this early

Middle of the pack

Oklahoma State - Smart decided to come back, and every Cowboy fan named their first born Marcus. He is a natural born leader on the court, but can he lead this team. Everyone wants to follow, except for Nash. But look for the Pokes to be a surprise all year. 

Virginia Commonwealth - This team will play hard all year and start to bring their little college a lot of attention. They are a hard playing team and will dominate their conference. They will stick it out all year and should fare well in the dance. 

Connecticut - Probably ranked too low, but they would not have it any other way. It gives them a chance to prove all of the media wrong.


Baylor - The bears will have a great year. The number one thing against them is they have to play Kansas and Oklahoma State twice. They are a fast team and will score a ton of point, just like their football team. 

New Mexico - they may be the team to watch all year. They are my team I will be keeping an eye on. They have a defense that will step up. And with Cullen Neal back after his appendix exploded, they are going to be a tough team to beat. With their schedule and their coach, they could possibly be the best in the country.

For giggles, keep an eye on : 

Saint Louis


La Salle

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