12 From Texas: Ranking The Round-Up 1 to 12

How are your Texas FBS teams trending? You 'bout to find out. We rank 'em 1-12 by ones.



1. Baylor that's right, the Bears have a death grip on the top ranking. Impressive. What's more impressive is the fact that Baylor's D may be legitimate. Texas Tech will challenge this assertion.

The Bears are bullish and trending onward and upward. They're a top 5 upset away from a BCS title game.



2. Texas A&M the Aggies wrapped up their home schedule by beating Mississippi State on Saturday and allowing 40 plus points. So much for that improved defense. LSU and Mizzou on the road are up next in what will decide the season.

The Ags are flat-lining until they handle one of the Tigers left on their schedule.



3. Texas back from the brink of death, the Longhorns survived Morgantown. Now comes the hard part, a home date with Oklahoma State. Let's all remember that a few weeks back Mack was fighting for his job and escaping from Ames with a horseshoe in the butt win against the Cyclones.

Bet against Case McCoy at your peril. Case is like Rainman counting cards in Vegas. He can't lose and JC Penny sucks.



4. Houston lost to UCF in a close one on the road, now comes the biggest test of the Cougs season against Louisville on the road. Teddy Bridgewater's Heisman campaign has hit a snag after the Cards struggled against the middling teams of the AAC, now he'll get a showcase game at home against the Cougars.

U of H still has an outside shot at a BCS game if they can beat Louisville and wait for UCF to trip against someone.



5. North Texas oh baby, look how far you've come! We always believed you had it in you, now you're showing it. UTEP broke into the wrong dad-gum wreck room last week.

Take a rest Mean Green, you've earned it. UNT finishes up with two highly winnable games against UTSA and Tulsa. So who had UNT at 9 wins back in August? Not the Bud.



6. Texas Tech had us fooled. Remember when they were number 10 in the country and Gameday was going to Arlington for the Baylor game? A road loss to OU and two straight home blow-outs to Oklahoma State and K-State have left us with a clearer picture of who the Red Raiders are.

I blame Tubbs because we can't quit you Kliff, but right now Tech is staring down a 7-5 season. But maybe, just maybe Tech can pull off a field rushing worthy win against Baylor on Saturday. Dare to dream.



7. Rice has had a week to recover from their devastating loss to UNT. Now they get La Tech at home followed by UAB on the road and Tulane back in H-town. We like their chances.

Three more wins to get to nine on the season. For Rice a nine win season would be incredible, plus, don't look but David Bailiff is recruiting smart kids who start shit. Big ups Biggie.



8. TCU congratulations to the Horned Frogs for beating Iowa State. I mean, let's get real, if you can't beat Iowa State I don't know what to think of you. We'll ignore the fact that it took a late TD to beat the Cyclones because a win is a win.

Two dates remain, a trip to K-State and a home game against Baylor. Let's shoot for the stars Gary Patterson. Win both of those games and you can qualify for an awful bowl game. After the way this season has gone that's an accomplishment. The Bud is going to play pessimist here and say that 4-8 is TCU's landing spot.



9. Texas State we'd like to issue a warning to Texas State, things are about to get real. Hope you enjoyed the open date because now you've got three straight against the who's who of what's what in the Sun Belt.

Let's just say you can win one of these three, well that would be awesome. We'd like to think you're capable of it, but Arkansas State, Western Kentucky, and Troy aren't to be trifled with.



10. SMU how do the Stangs have four games left? We don't know either. Coming off a loss to Cincinnati, granted a loss that was not as one sided as we might have thought, but a loss none the less.

So, now you've got UConn and USF, winnable games, and Houston and UCF, lose-able games. You are staring at 5-7 June Jones. We've said it before, we'll say it again, when does the Garrett Gilbert experiment end? Why don't we start finding out what the other quarterbacks on the roster have to offer?



11. UTSA got a big win over Tulane, effectively snuffing out any hope the Green Wave had at a C-USA title. After the open date this week, the 'Runners head to Denton.

Want to leap frog about 3 teams? Beat UNT and watch this number drop.



12. UTEP, how do we say this? You're done UTEP. Your quarterback is hurt, your backups are awful and you're getting blown out by former Sun Belt teams. On a scale of one to disaster we're real close to a Sharknado.

I hate to say the any game against FIU is a must win, but this game at home against FIU is a MUST win. The difference between 1-11 and 2-10 isn't much, but the alternative is a loss to FIU. F freaking IU.