Instant Analysis: College Football Week 12

Week 12 is in the books and the season is slipping away faster than we'd like. Let's take a moment to re-learn what we learned yesterday.


Swing your sword Yaw Yaw!  

Swing your sword Yaw Yaw!

  • Yaw Yaw Yaw is going to fool around and force USC to hire him. If you're a casual USC fan, which is kind of like a being a Miami Heat fan in the last 3 years or a Bulls fans in the 90's or a Manchester United fan anytime, you probably don't really care because he's winning. If you are a USC fan who cares about the program you can't want Coach O to get the job full time right?
  • Alabama quietly goes about its business. Very quietly.
  • I know whenever a play like the Auburn Georgia pass happens there will be a raging debate about whether to knock the football down or not, here's a thought, just catch the ball. Watch any successful Hail Mary and tell me that if you didn't just catch the ball instead of batting it up or down or sideways the outcome wouldn't be different. We program DBs to catch footballs then in one instant we attempt to reprogram them to be volleyball players. 
The Dark Lord Cometh.  

The Dark Lord Cometh.

  • For those of you scoring at home Oregon has climbed back into the National Title conversation. They need some help, but they're back in the conversation.

The Southwest Round-Up

  • The beauty of the Big 12 is that if you're going to win the conference there are no schedule misses and byes, you will play everyone. What an incredible concept! At some point there will be no place to hide.
  • Speaking of that, Texas couldn't hide yesterday. The 'Horns were dominated by Okie State at home, as the Bud predicted. Twitter luvs to tell you that the Big 12 is weak because Big 12 teams keep canabalizing each other. Well at least they have the opportunity. The Bud was at SEC media days when half of the discussion was about how hard someone's schedule was and how they play blank and blank every year and don't get to play blank. It was tired. Every Big 12 team has to play Wizard Bill Snyder and they all get to kill Paul Rhodes' Iowa State dream. Win, win, win.


  • So now we're down to Baylor and Oklahoma State for the whole bag of Skittles. Gameday is going to Stillwater. Sadly for OSU so is Art Briles.
  • Don't fret, OSU meets the criteria of the TTCBB otherwise known as the Team That Can Beat Baylor. Let's go over those criteria shall we:
  1. You have to be able to score 40 or more. (Sorry Kansas, K-State, Iowa State, TCU, Texas, and OU.)
  2. You have to be able to get stops offensively. (Sorry West Virginia, Kansas, Iowa State, Texas Tech.)
  3. You need to win the turnover battle. (Sorry Tech, Kansas, Iowa State, West Virgnia and OU.)
  4. You need to lure them out of Waco. (Sorry, Iowa State, OU, West Virginia, Texas.)
  • Louisville beat Houston 20-13 at Pappa's House last night. Two things: Louisville is the LoLo Jones of college football. Everyone tells you that she's really attractive and a favorite for the gold medal, then they run and you realize only one of those things might be true. And second, Tony Levine is Surebud's Coach of the Year.
  • By the way, can we forget about the "Teddy Bridgewater is an NFL first rounder" talk. If your NFL team can somehow schedule the American Athletic Conference, then yes go crazy. If not, he's CFL material.
  • TCU will not go bowling this year. We fear the Frogs may be flying towards a permanent place in the rough and tumble middle class of the Big 12.
  • Any good will Mack earned by beating up on the also-rans of the Big 12 could erode if his team doesn't finish strong. UT's chances at the Big 12 and BCS are slim and none is almost here.


  • SMU beat UConn. So...there's that I guess.
  • Rice curb stomped La Tech at Rice's homecoming. Fewer than 20,000 thousand Owls came home. Rice is still on schedule for a 9 win season.
  • Texas State didn't fare well in the meat of the Sun Beast schedule after Arkansas State beat up the Bobcats on Saturday.
  • Dear Lord, Kliff and the fighting Mayfields may be heading to the Heart of Dallas Bowl. Oh my how we've fallen from the BCS title game.
  • UTEP beat Florida International on 33-10! Congratulations on win number of the season. Let's recruit hard and focus on getting win number 3 in 2014.