Where They Gonna Go: A Compilation of Bowl Projections

There are too many bowls. The fact that a 6-6 team, the definition of mediocrity can spend a week in some sun splashed location sorting through goodie bags says that there are too many bowls. So... here are the Round-Up's compilation of Bowl Projections plus where the school should want to end up and where the Bud wants them to go.


National Football Post: Fiesta vs. Fresno State
CBS Sports: Fiesta vs. Fresno State
Phil Steele: Fiesta vs. Fresno State
USA Today: Cotton vs. Texas A&M
SI.com: Fiesta vs. Fresno State
Scout: Cotton vs. Texas A&M
Sporting News: Fiesta vs. UCF
Express News: Fiesta vs. Fresno State
Athlon: Fiesta vs. Fresno State

Where does Baylor want to go: The Fiesta Obviously, bigger exposure and payday. But the match-up sucks. 

The Bud wants Baylor to go to: The Cotton against Texas A&M. Good old fashioned hate and no Fresno involvement.


National Football Post: Belk vs. Georgia Tech
CBS Sports: Belk vs. Duke
Phil Steele: Belk vs. Georgia Tech
USA Today: Belk vs. North Carolina
SI.com: Belk vs. Georgia Tech
Scout: Pinstripe vs. Syracuse
Sporting News: Pinstripe vs. Utah
Express News: Belk vs. North Carolina
Athlon: Belk vs. North Carolina

Where does Houston want to go: Anywhere but the Pinstripe, so it looks like the Belk vs. Carolina. At least there's a chance of a decent crowd.

The Bud wants Houston to go to: We guess the Belk. Just not against Georgia Tech.

North Texas

National Football Post: Heart of Dallas vs. Boston College
CBS Sports: Military vs. Maryland
Phil Steele: Heart of Dallas vs. Washington State
USA Today: Heart of Dallas vs. Ohio
SI.com: Heart of Dallas vs. Oregon State
Scout: Heart of Dallas vs. Texas State
Sporting News: Beef-o-Brady’s vs. Bowling Green
Express News: Heart of Dallas vs. Bowling Green
Athlon: Heart of Dallas vs. Washington State

Where does UNT want to go: The Heart of Dallas due to its proximity, and they'd like to play the old Pirate and Washington State.

The Bud wants UNT to go to: The Heart of Dallas to take on TEXAS BY GOD STATE! A round-up wet dream.


National Football Post: Military vs. North Carolina
CBS Sports: Heart of Dallas vs. Boston College
Phil Steele: Military vs. Boston College
USA Today: Beef-o-Brady’s vs. Western Kentucky
SI.com: Hawaii Bowl vs. UNLV
Scout: Hawaii Bowl vs. Utah
Sporting News: Military vs. Boston College
Express News: Beef-o-Brady’s vs. Toledo
Athlon: Hawaii vs. San Jose State

Where does Rice want to go: Anywhere but Hawaii, it's too expensive to send a team there and there will be NO Rice fans in attendance. The guess the best stop would be the Heart of Dallas against BC.

The Bud wants Rice to go to: To be honest we'd like to see the Owls in the Bluebonnet Bowl played in the Astrodome and against U of H. A proper sending off for the old dump. I guess we'll take the Heart of Dallas against BC.


National Football Post: Alamo vs. Stanford
CBS Sports: Holiday vs. Arizona State
Phil Steele: Buffalo Wild Wings vs. Michigan
USA Today: Alamo vs. Stanford
SI.com: Cotton vs. LSU
Scout: Alamo vs. UCLA
Sporting News: Buffalo Wild Wings vs. Iowa
Express News: Buffalo Wild Wings vs. Michigan
Athlon: Buffalo Wild Wings vs. Michigan

Where does Texas want to go: Easy, the Cotton to take on LSU. Repeat trips to the Alamo Bowl aren't preferred, and the Holiday might reveal a lack of enthusiasm in the fan base.

The Bud wants Texas to go to: The Alamo vs. Stanford. Line'em up and block each other until someone gives or Case McCoy has to throw downfield.

Texas A&M

National Football Post: Outback vs. Nebraska
CBS Sports: Capital One vs. Michigan State
Phil Steele: Cotton vs. Oklahoma State
USA Today: Cotton vs. Baylor
SI.com: Capital One vs. Wisconsin
Scout: Cotton vs. Baylor
Sporting News: Cotton vs. Oklahoma State
Express News: Chick-Fil-A vs. Miami
Athlon: Capital One vs. Michigan State

Where does A&M want to go: Let's be honest, A&M and it's JV defense wants no part of Baylor. How about a trip to Florida on New Years Day for Nebraska instead.

The Bud wants A&M to go to: If not the Cotton again, then how about a trip to Hotlanta and the Canes?

Texas State

Scout: Heart of Dallas vs. North Texas

Where does Texas State want to go: Easy, anyplace. It would be a HUGE milestone for a bowl appereance even if no one from Texas State actually attends the game.

The Bud wants Texas State to go to: Again, easy, Dallas against UNT. And old time Lone State Conference WAR!

Texas Tech

National Football Post: Texas Bowl vs. Michigan
CBS Sports: Buffalo Wild Wings vs. Michigan
Phil Steele: Texas Bowl vs. Minnesota
USA Today: Texas Bowl vs. Iowa
SI.com: Texas Bowl vs. Iowa
Scout: Texas Bowl vs. Iowa
Sporting News: Texas Bowl vs. Minnesota
Express News: Texas Bowl vs. Iowa
Athlon: Holiday vs. Arizona State

Where does Texas Tech want to go: San Diego, can you imagine how well Kliff would do in SoCal? He might apply for the USC job after a week in the Golden State.

The Bud wants Tech to go to: Let's take the Texas Bowl against Michigan. Talk about a culture shock: Big 10 non-offensive MIchigan against Big 12 non-defensive Texas Tech. Lock it down.