Gear Head: Texas A&M's Gray Uniforms

A&M debuted it's Dark Onyx helmets and gray uniforms while taking part in a scheduled ass-whipping at LSU. There is no neato video so in place of that we give you Onyx's early 1990's ode "Slam."


So, off topic, you think Onyx invested their money wisely? Think they're all retired and living in the Hamptons somewhere? Me neither. If any members of Onyx would like to catch us up on their post-1993 lifestyle let us know.

On to the uniforms.

Let's start with this...gray, NOT A SCHOOL COLOR. Sure A&M sported gray pants back in the mid-80's, and again under Mike Sherman, however it's not a school color.

This shade of gray looks familiar. Oh that's right, Tennessee wears it and it's called Smokey Mountain Gray or Rocky Top Gray or Gray.


By the way, Adidas is doing a bit here A&M. We've discussed this before but this is just another way to shove the triple stripe logo down our throat. The shoulder design is used by everyone and their dog who's an Adidas school. It's not original and no it doesn't make anyone faster or more aerodynamic, A&M proved that yesterday.

The Helmet

I don't mind the state of Texas outline, I actually kind of like it. What the Gear Head doesn't like is the apparent razor wire striping and the fade to black at the base.


It's just too much. It's all just too much.

But hey, it's dark onyx! The is none more dark onyxer or some such. I'm sure there are 18 year-olds who think these are radical. They also pump Wrecking Ball out of the after market speakers they put in their Carola with a racing fin on the back. They are also wearing skinny jeans. They are male. 

A Little Trickeration

By the way, high marks to the A&M equipment staff for a little diversion to throw people off the alternate uniform sent. On Friday they posted this little number:


Ah! You guys fooled us! You're so fun like that. If only A&M's football squad could have put that much thought and effort into, you know playing football good.

Posted on November 24, 2013 and filed under Southwest Round-Up, Sports.