Instant Analysis: Week 10

College football happened again, it's time for snap judgments. 

Can someone go ahead and win the Big 12?

Please? There are about 4 schools that control their destiny. We need more schools like Kansas who know they don't have a shot and just assume their turn in the barrel.

At this rate Davis Webb might be a candidate for Tommy John surgery.

At this rate Davis Webb might be a candidate for Tommy John surgery.

The tribe has spoken, Tech pack your crap and head on out.

Tech had their torch put out last night as Oklahoma State dominated the Red Raiders. You dared to dream Kliff and now the dream is over.

Which brings us to our first award from the weekend, congrats to Jace Amaro, Amaro set a personal best for receptions in a game with 13. Jace had 10 in the first half with 10. I believe that OSU then had a meeting at halftime at which time Mike Gundy made two things clear: 1. He's a man and 2. Let's try and cover Jace Amaro.  

Tech's Davis Webb threw 72 passes last night. 8 more and they would have had to go to the bullpen. 

That escalated quickly.

UTEP should have taken a picture of the scoreboard when the Miners led 7-2. A&M reeled off 55 straight. Shame on you A&M for giving UTEP hope. Worse thing a man can have is hope.

Polish up your balls for bowling. 

North Texas ended the longest bowl drought in FBS history with a win over Rice on Thursday night. That would be impressive except now 72 of 125 teams go to bowl games. Texas State also qualified with a win over Idaho in Moscow last night.

Congrats to the Bobcats and Mean Green, now you may get to go to such exotic locations as Mobile or Fort Worth.

TCU's nightmare continues.  

And now a dramatic interpretation of TCU's nightmare season. 

Crazy Mack Brown ain't so cray cray.  

Are we friends again? 

Are we friends again? 

Remember when UT lost to Ole Miss and Mack Brown came out and said that UT would go ahead and win the Big 12? Remember how we all laughed at Mack and thought he was just punch drunk crazy?

Mack ain't crazy. They can win the Big 12.

Now of course this leads to a couple of issues. To do so, they'll have to beat Baylor and Oklahoma State. Not exactly a couple of gimmes. The other issue is, what does UT do if he wins the Big 12 and goes to a BCS game? They can't really push him out, even though that's what a lot of folks would like to see.  

You keep going Mack, this gets more awesomer by the day.  

This brings us to our second award, "the Big 12 Quarterback that might be all Big 12 but no one thought he'd play in the Big 12" trophy.  Soak it in Case McCoy. No one understands how your doing what your doing, but you keep on doing it. Whatever the hell it is you're doing.

And quietly Houston keeps winning.

So Tony Levine is going to win some sort of coach of the year and by the way, they might even make a BCS game. In a weekend of big games the Cougars trip to Orlando to take on UCF is quietly huge. Don't tell anyone, we wouldn't want the world to get distracted from OU/Baylor, Oregon/Stanford, and LSU/Bama.