Netflix Instant Analysis: Luther

London is chock full of crazy people who commit heinous acts of violence and there is one man, ONE MAN, standing between order and chaos. His name is Luther and you can watch him instantly on Netflix.

Kyco has an intense love of Luther than can be reviewed here and includes such headlines as "BBC is TV For Me" . He turned me on to Luther and if loving Luther is wrong, I don't wanna be right. I'll tell you what else I don't want to do, go to London after watching the first two seasons.

 It could happen America. 

It could happen America. 

Luther stars Idris Elba, aka Stringer Bell, aka probably the next James Bond.  Come on, like James Bond couldn't be a brother. James Bond literally cannot be Timothy Dalton and the movies proved that, but it happened anyway. Idris plays DCI John Luther a sort of Shaft, meets Denzel Washington, meets Benny Hill. My Great Britain references are limited.

Luther doesn't carry a gun and that is problematic on the show, but then again most of the bad guys don't carry guns either, guns are clean instruments of death and who needs that when you can stab a guy, beat a guy with a club, or spray acid on a fella from a water gun. Yes all those things happen, yes it ain't pretty.

 You are VERY convincing Ruth Wilson.  

You are VERY convincing Ruth Wilson.  

Luther has a couple of side kicks, including a few that end up dead. Spoiler alert. Whatever. His most compelling side kick is a wonderful little psychopath named Alice, played by Ruth Wilson. I wouldn't date Ruth Wilson in real life because based on Alice, I don't think she's acting when she dresses up to play a murderous crazy woman.  

Tired of NCIS seasons that are 22 episodes long and ripped from the headlines? Luther is for you, there are currently all of ten episodes of Luther on Netflix, six in season one, four in season two. I believe this is the case because the BBC has a better grasp on TV than say, oh I don't know, every major network in America. These are intense episodes that carry over into each other so there are very few neatly wrapped packages with bows, especially when you have acid water guns at play.  

Obviously the overused "smartest cop in the world" device is...well, overused. Luther seems at times clairvoyant about crimes and bad guys and at times he just happens to end up at the right place at just the right time. If you can't handle that then you'll never be able to watch a police procedural again and you probably hate Hank from Breaking Bad which means that we aren't friends.  

Check out Luther on Netflix instant and avoid acid filled water guns.

Posted on November 5, 2013 .