Friday Night Lights: Elgin vs. George Ranch

Confession, I had no idea where George Ranch high school was. I can tell you where George West is, the King Ranch is, George Strait grew up, ranch dressing is made, but I had no idea the location of George Ranch. Apparently it's part of Lamar Consolidates ISD, down south in Fort Bend County. The Longhorns are playing their second year of varsity ball and trying to replicate Dekaney high school from a couple years ago who won the 5A state championship after playing varsity for only a couple of seasons.

They played Elgin, a small town that is now a growing, dare I say, suburb of Austin. This was the regional semis of the 4A playoffs at the Berry Center in Cypress. The Berry Center is the greatest high school football facility south of Allen. Ranch won 37-28 for the record. They advance to get Brenham in the Regional finals, back at the Berry Center.

I took my five year old to this game which means two things, first I introduced him to concession stand food and second we hung in as long as we could before we had to bounce. In that vein, my son had a soft pretzel and now that he's been given his first hit of doughy, salted, pretzel goodness he's hooked. The weather was amazing, unlike last week, sunny and 70 degrees with a little wind.

Both teams entered the game 12-0, but George Ranch was better. You can read the recap in the Chron, where they try to play up this as some sort of "nobody believed in us" upset, but George Ranch is very good. Ranch went up 28-0 by halftime and, were it not for an impressive tactical scheme to start the second half, it could have been a blow-out.

Before I go on I'd like to alert everyone that the White Stripes' "Seven Nation Army" has infiltrated all levels of football. The Elgin and George Ranch bands attempted to out-Seven Nation Army each other for most of the game. I don't know who won, but I know the rest of us lost.

Elgin pulled the old touchdown, onside kick recovery, touchdown, onside kick recovery to start the second half. George Ranch finally gathered their senses and zoned read themselves down the field to go up 35-14. Elgin were plucky little devils who wouldn't go away and rattled off 14 straight to get to within 7. By this time we were in the car with Monsters University going and pretzel breath. Ranch got a safety to seal the deal and the Wildcats headed back up 290 and into basketball season.

Get out to watch the state playoffs before the game is outlawed and we're all forced to watch quidditch or some sutch.

Posted on December 1, 2013 and filed under Sports.