UIL Realignment is Coming

Big changes in effect for the UIL with the coming of district realignment. The big news is WE HAVE A 6A! This news is tempered by the fact that 6A is just a renamed 5A, not the super conference of the biggest high schools in the state. Instead everyone else just bumps up a number, including 6-man which will be the new 1A. The Bud thinks this idea is close to dumb. Jack Pardee played 6-man, not 1A. Turkey Creek plays 6-man, not 1A. But oh well. Sounds like Gary Bettman had a say in the realignment names.

The bigger news is that we're getting a predivided Division I and II in class 4A, which was 3A. I'll let that sage Dave Campbell explain this:

So, right now, when you look at 2A, you have two District 1-2As – Division I, and Division II. They’re pre-divided. When you look at 5A, you have one District 1-5A – just District 1-5A. The playoff divisions are decided after the fact, with the two largest playoff schools going to Division I and the two smallest playoff schools going to Division II. For years and years, 3A was just like 5A – one district, divide into DI and DII when the playoffs roll around. Next year, 4A (the current 3A) will be like 2A, with pre-divided districts in each division. It’ll make a lot more sense once you actually see the districts on February 3, but just know that’s coming.

Anyone else's head hurt? Other big non-predividing news are...

-After years as a 4A powerhouse, Highland Park is officially heading to 6A (old 5A).

-Friendswood, Montgomery, and Houston Reagan are jumping to 6A as well. Not great for Reagan who won their district for the first time since the late 50's and goes from being a big 5A (old 4A) to a small 6A (old 5A).

-Notable 5A teams dropping to the newly-named 5A (basically, going from 5A to 4A, unless they appeal up): Lufkin and Longview. Longview of course being famous for the epic "Hands on a Hard Body."

-Stephenville – the defending 3A Division I state champs – will remain in their current situation, and become a 4A Division I squad.

-Dallas Carter has the numbers to necessitate a drop down to 4A (old 3A; this is going to get old soon) but they can always appeal to move up. You can appeal and move up, not down.

-Bay City drops to 4A (old 3...awe screw it, do the math yourself)

-La Marque goes to 4A Division II, as does Port Isabel and Wimberley.

-Dropping from 2A down to 2A are such notables as Schulenburg and Centerville.

-Cut off numbers are...

Class 6A: 2,100+
Class 5A: 1,060-2,099
Class 4A Division I: 686-1,059
Class 4A Division II: 465-685
Class 3A Division I: 315-464
Class 3A Division II: 220-314
Class 2A Division I: 158-219
Class 2A Division II: 105-157
Class 1A Division I: 55-104.9
Class 1A Division II: 54 and fewer

-Want to see where your alma mater falls, go here.

Posted on December 2, 2013 and filed under Sports.