Coaching Carousel: USC Hires Sark, Wyoming Fires a Christian, and a Good Guy Resigned

These meetings with the athletic directors are getting a bit more intense as fall turns to winter. In the past 48 hours some moves have happened, some have made sense, other haven't, it's all part of the Carousel.


So...I thought this was a national job on par with Texas and Alabama? Apparently not. The Trojans hired Steve Sarkisian away from Washington which was good news for Sark because he's been real mediocre at U-Dub. In his tenure in Seattle only once did he win more than 7 games and never more than 5 in the Pac 12. It was also good news of Washington because Sark's buy-out was expensive. Straight cash homey.

We'll find out who the national search really included but apparently the Trojans found out that they weren't quite the hot commodity they were once thought to be. Some thought that James Franklin would have been a game changer at Troy, instead Pac 12 coaches were celebrating Sark's arrival at Southern Cal. 

I'm not sure, but apparently Sark isn't striking fear in the hearts of his Pac 12 brethren.

2 Blazers: We can't help but feel that this could have been better USC.

2 Blazers: We can't help but feel that this could have been better USC.

Sark and USC get our first Blazer Rating, I assume that USC has a blazer, I know Kiffin sported one on occasion.


So now there is an opening in Seattle. The Huskies have a lot of things going: great city, beautiful facilities, tradition, their coach is no longer Steve Sarkisian, etc. Names that are being dropped already are Husky assistants Justin Wilcox and Peter Sirman along with Chris Peterson and Jim Mora Jr. Wait...what?

Apparently Mora Jr., a UW alum is being considered. I remember during his stint with the Falcons, you remember - before Michael Vick was a dog killer, Mora had made comments that Washington was his dream job. This of course was before UCLA. I don't see him leaving for what might be a lateral move considering UCLA's fertile recruiting territory and picturesque campus. 

Maybe this is the job Peterson finally leaves Boise for. I mean, why not. Wilcox has indicated that he's leaving for USC with Sarkisian, but then a head job would change that.


The Cowboys fired Dave Christiansen on Sunday after five seasons and a sub-500 overall record.

Wyoming is a tough place to recruit to, but Joe Tiller and others have shown you can win there in fits and starts. Bob Stitt the offensive guru from the Colorado School of Mines is apparently showing some interest in heading up to Laramie. That would be an interesting hire.

Whoever the Cowboys hire will need to go into California and Texas to find talent.

Wake Forest

Jim Grobe won an ACC title and took the Demon Deacons to a BCS Bowl game.

Let's that sink in.

Grobe resigned yesterday, and at 61 it's questionable as to whether he'll coach again. You'll be hard pressed to find anyone who'll say a bad thing about Grobe, he's one of the good guys in the coaching profession. Wake can look around and see what Baylor, Duke and Vanderbilt are doing and take some encouragement. Still Wake Forest will be a project for the even the best fit.

Just throwing it out there, but what about calling Troy Calhoun at Air Force. Pete Lembo at Ball State will get a look, but then I'm assuming he'll get a look from some other schools as well.