Gear Head: Rice's Bowl Helmet

For some time now teams have mimicked Oregon by wearing multiple uniform/helmet combinations week to week. The Bud is staunchly against this trend but then again we aren't 16 years old with several rivals stars attached to our names. We don't count. Rice has gone a step further and actually mimicked Oregon's design with the Owls' bowl helmet. Behold, the Owls have spread their wings!

Don't tell Phil Knight. Dude will be pissed.  

Don't tell Phil Knight. Dude will be pissed.


Let's start by saying this is not a new idea. Half the bird-like mascots in America have ripped this design off. Heck, Rice used to sport something similar on a weekly basis.

So now the Owls have gone all modern with the winged helmet. And bonus, it's white!


Added bonus, the classic Rice scripty intelligentsia "R" is on the back-side. I guess this is to remind opponents which team is running away from them. Very helpful. I wonder if Oregon has ever done any similar?


Oh wait. Dang dog, the Ducks have done did it! If only Rice had glued some mirrors their new lids.

Rice has a great classic look that they've developed since Todd Graham brought yellow to the color scheme that one year he was in Houston. Todd left, good riddance to bad rubbish (by the way did you happen to catch a glimpse of Todd's headphones last night? Todd appeared to be toothing).

Stick with the classics Rice. There's nothing more Rice than that.

The Todd Graham Yellow Years.  

The Todd Graham Yellow Years.

FYI, here's the new Owls lid in action during the Liberty bowl's pregame festivities.

Posted on December 31, 2013 and filed under Southwest Round-Up, Sports.