Netflix Instant Analyis: Rare Exports

Leave it to the Fins to come up with a Santa Clause horror fantasy movie. Bored with all those ABC Family movies staring 80's sitcom stars who are finding love lost at Christmas time? Me too. Try Rare Exports, a Finish retelling of the Santa Clause story that currently sits at 90% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Rare exports centers around a group of reindeer herders on the outskirts of Finland who run into something a little more menacing that a jolly old fatman handing out toys and candy. Nope, they run into a bunch of creepy old men, dead set on killing reindeer and kidnapping kids.

Oh, don't watch this with your kids unless your kids are 30 with smoking habits.

The cast looks like what you'd imagine Judas Priest looks like right about now, lots of beards, lots of hair, and lots of rifles. Give Rare Exports a shot, don't be fooled by the opening scene, which is in English, this one is English sub-titled. You'll get used to though, the movie isn't exactly dialogue driven.

Merry Christmas, Santa's coming kids and he ain't happy.


Posted on December 4, 2013 .