Instant Analysis: Conference Championship Weekend

Well the BCS Championship game is set. The last of these ever; we hope. From now on things will settle up nicely with four team "plus one" aka playoff. I'm sure no one will complain about being number 5, that's not at all our nature.

What did we learn?

  • Auburn can play some offense and neither the Tigers nor the Tigers could do much on the defensive side. Greg Doyle compared the game to the College World Series of the 90's also known as Gorilla Ball, lots of home runs, no pitching. I prefer pitching. At least a little. Auburn and Missouri offered no defense and played for 6 hours. I'm out on that.
  • Gary Danielson made several comments to the effect that he wouldn't be surprised if a lot of teams implement Auburn's run first spread. Gary doesn't get out much.
  • Florida State did what Florida State should have done to Duke or anyone else from the ACC: drum them.
  • I keep hearing how Jameis Winston is this great leader, sounds a bit like the old sports mysticism we talk about at times on the Bud. When I hear him talk he sounds odd and I've heard him enough to believe he is odd. He's good at playing quarterback, but lets tap the breaks on the "Jameis Winston is the greatest leader in college sports" bit.
  • Oh dear Ohio State. Congrats on winning 24 straight and all, I'm sure you guys can design a ring for that. Michigan State by the way plays defense and the Stanford/MSU Rose Bowl is going to be a crowbar fight in a car trunk.
  • Speaking of Stanford, the Cardinal vanquished the Sun Devils in the Pac 12 title game Saturday night. If Stanford didn't have to play dad gum Utah we might have something here Cardinal, but as it stands you have to settle for the Pac 12 title.

The Round-Up

  • Rice are your Conference USA Champions! What a great day for the Owls, winning their first conference title since 1957. We wish more Owls had come out to see it. Rice gets to go to the Liberty Bowl to play an SEC squad to be determined.
  • I went on the Liberty Bowl site and saw that Diamond Rio is playing halftime. I just lost a bet as to the whereabouts of Diamond Rio, I assumed they were running a chain of Denny's Restaurants in the Biloxi area.
  • Baylor won the Big 12, thanks to OU winning because OSU spit the bit. The Bears beat UT and closed down the Case in the greatest season of Baylor football since...ever. It's the Bears first conference title since 1980.
  • The Bears now get UCF in what will be a sparsely attended Fiesta Bowl. I'm sure the folks in Glendale are thrilled.
  • Speaking of UCF, the Knights beat SMU in front of roughly 25 friends and family in a snowy Ford Stadium. SMU wraps up a 5-7 season with a 17-13 loss.
  • The Mustangs appear to have offered June Jones an extension which is good news if you're a mustang fan considering the success he's had at SMU compared to everyone else since the Mustangs were handing out a payroll in the 1980's.