Conference USA Expands to Two Seven-Team Divisions.

Conference USA, the 2013 edition, will feature seven teams in both the East and West Divisions.  East Carolina, FAU, FIU, Marshall, Middle Tennessee, Southern Miss and UAB comprise the East Division, while Louisiana Tech, North Texas, Rice, Tulane, Tulsa, UTEP and UTSA make up the West Division.

UTSA makes a big leap here. Remember two years ago there was no football at UTSA. Can anyone challenge Tulsa? Maybe La Tech but then they did hire Skip Holtz, Dr. Lou's kid who couldn't win at South Florida.

How about a conference title at the AlamoDome? Anyone? Anyone?

If you're U of H or SMU wouldn't you rather this alignment than what you have in the Big East?

Posted on February 1, 2013 and filed under Sports.