Fundamentally Sound February 11

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Texas - 58 at West Virginia - 60

Two great coaches squared off in a game that went down to the wire. You have two middle of the pack teams that are trying hard to get into the tournament, but it looks like one of them will not do so. It is hard to recap a game like this, because neither is playing real good basketball. 

Oklahoma - 64 @ Iowa State - 83

I thought this game would be a huge deciding game. There are the clear teams at the top of the Big 12, but there are a lot of teams fighting for the 3 or 4 spot. These two teams are right in the spot to take that position, and the Cyclones are making a huge case for themselves. With Will Clyburn leading the charge, they are teams to look out for. Iowa State out played the Sooners at every turn, with OU only scoring one basket in the first seven minutes. If I am any team in the Big 12, I am scared of Iowa State.


(13) Kansas State - 68 @ Texas Tech - 59

Texas Tech just can’t do it. They try hard, but can’t pull one off. Kansas State didn’t play very well, which helped the Red Raiders to get a foot in the door, but that was about all they could get in the door, before the Wildcats slammed it in their face. McGruder had 18 points to lead them team again, and will continue to lead the team well. Kansas State is up and down, hopefully they will be up at the right time.


Baylor - 67 at (22) Oklahoma State - 69

I spent this entire game saying, "We are definitely going to win" followed seconds later by, "We are definitely going to lose." OSU lives and dies by the three, and they spent most of the first half dying by it. They did not make a three until well into the game. The thing that helped them out was that no one person had a spectacular game, but most of the team had a great game. Cobbins had 13 boards, Smart had 4 steals and 7 assists, and the team had 12 offensive rebounds, which never happens. Baylor played great though. Pierre Jackson is a beast and can pretty much do whatever he wants on the court, he finished with 24 points, but had 11 turnovers. Isaiah Austin is a 7 foot rebounding machine, and if he can get tougher, he will be a beast. The game was won by a great block and a coast to coast layup with no time left. It was an intense game played by two great teams.

(5) Kansas - 55 @ TCU - 62


Yes, the old guy in the picture is me, and the crow on his plate is all the bad stuff I said about TCU. I was wrong, wrong, wrong. They out played Kansas last night in such a great way. Kansas was shocked from the get go, still reeling from their first home lose in years last weekend. Kansas had only 13 points at half, and scored their first goal 7 minutes into the game. Not to take anything away from TCU, but Kansas beat themselves, watch the clip below. This is my fear for a Kansas team. We can all remember the years we have had them in the Final Four or winning the whole thing, only to watch them lose in the first round, followed by crumpling up our brackets and tossing them in the trash. Kansas could be headed down that path again, but they will need McLemore to step up and play like he knows how to play. After the game, Bill Self said "It was the worst team that Kansas ever put on the floor, since Dr. Naismith was there. I think he had some bad teams when he lost to Topeka YMCA and things like that in the first couple years." Ouch


(21) Missouri - 68 @ Texas A&M - 70

Some big play by Turner and Harris lifted the Aggies over the Tigers. I said earlier in the season that A&M had a good team, but most of the school has no idea they have a team. If they could get some people to the games and some support, they could make a run in the down SEC this year. 


 (22) Oklahoma State - 72 @ Texas - 59

 I have said it before and I will say it again. If you have not watched Marcus Smart play, you are missing out. They boy can flat out play, even when he doesn’t score a lot of point. But tonight, that wasn’t the case. Just take a look at his line - 23 pts, 7 rebs, 3 asst, 5 steals, 2 blks. And yes, he is a freshman.

Things keep getting worse for Texas. At a time they need to be getting hot, they are cooling down. With the tournament starting to eyes it’s teams, the Longhorns need to win most if not all of their last games.

(5) Kansas - 66 @ Oklahoma - 72

Lon Kruger is a coach. A dang good coach, and he took advantage of a winged Jayhawk team. Bill Self’s teams came off of two tough losses, but looked to get back into their normal routine, only to have the Sooners play their hearts out at home. Osby and Pledger both scored in double digits, and the rest of the team contributed to their victory. 

What do you do if you are Kansas now. Bill Self told the press that most teams that are top in the league will lose three games in a season. The problem is the 3 game slide they are on, and it will only get tougher facing K State on Big Monday. They need something to give them a kick in the rear.

Texas Tech - 48 @ Baylor - 75

Texas Tech had 11 guys score for them, none of them over 8 points. When that happens, you are in for a rough night. Baylor is a very fast and physical team. Pierre Jackson and Cory Jefferson played well, and they are the catalysts of the team. However, I believe Austin is the heart of that team. If he can have a double-double, like he did, it is really hard for them to lose. The game is missing big, physical centers, and Austin is one of those.

West Virginia - 63 @ TCU - 50

Well, TCU follows their huge win with a 13 point beating. Which begs the question, are the Jayhawks not really that good or were the Horned Frogs playing out of their mind. Remember how TCU played, Kansas beat themselves. TCU only had 6 guys score, 2 in double digits. They just aren’t that good of a team. West Virginia is in the lower middle of the BIg 12, but if they can win a few more games, they could stumble into the tourney, very unlikely.

Iowa State - 70 @ (13) Kansas State - 79

This is one of those games that could have gone either way. I know KSU won by 13 points, but still, the Cyclones played real well. They are a good team, and in the Big 12 tourney, they should make a run. They are athletic and I think the tourney will prove that point. 

 But Bruce Weber has his Wildcats playing extremely well now, and with McGruder playing hard, they will be a force. And with two bench players scoring in double digits, they will be tough to beat.

Texas A&M - 46 @ Georgia - 52

Neither team shot well. Georgia just happened to shoot less crappy. Caldwell-Pope did not play well, and you expect him to play well. He did lead the starter with 10 points, and that is tough to win. Luckily, the Aggies played like trash. That is a good way to win.



(13) Kansas State @ (5) Kansas


 Iowa State @ Texas

 This will be a big game if the Longhorns can pull one out. They need this, and a huge run in the next couple of weeks, to help them the rest of the season.


Oklahoma @ (22) Oklahoma State

Bedlam is always huge, and with both teams upsetting the best team in the Big 12, they have a whole lot to play for. One playing to stay in the top 25, and another trying to get there.