Jim Boehiem vs. Andy Katz

Imagine the stress of coaching a top 10 team on a year in year out basis.

Imagine a colleague you worked with going through molestation charges.

Imagine having to answer all of the questions reporters are throwing at you.

I can now see why Boeheim called Katz an idiot. I know when you are in the line of work Boeheim is in, you are going to be under a lot of scrutiny, and the crap the Fine was accused of was unacceptable, there is no denying that. But I can also see reporters being a bunch of pushy jackholes who are just looking for a story. And if you get time with a coach, and he tells you that he does not want to talk about a situation, a number of time, it is probably best to table those questions for a while.

Now Katz is a dweeb and when you watch him, he seems like a cocky, know it all who would be tough to talk with, especially when you ask him not to ask you a specific question. I love Boeheim, that is no secret, so this probably stems from that. And I don't really like Katz, so this is my perfect storm.  

Posted on February 15, 2013 and filed under Sports.