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Sports Illustrated recently had an article about the 2013 Houston Astros, the most inexperienced team in the Majors. We decided to test our own knowledge of the hometown nine with a game of "Name An Astro." The rules were simple, name as many Astros as possible in a round robin format. For each round, name one and advance, miss and you're out.

Sure Bud: "Here are the rules, we start with Kyle, then Killer, then Derek, then G. When it's your turn hit reply all and write the name of a current Astro. If you can't name one or name one who's not currently on the roster (I guess we'll except minor league assigned players) you're out."

10killertweets: "Since Kyle is MIA, I'll start. Jose Altuve. Layup! Suck on that!"

thisiskyco: "Bud Norris. The only reason I know him is because I met him at Bubbas sports bar. Awesome guy and yes I have a creepy picture of him when he wasn't looking."

derekphi: "Justin Maxwell.  When Bo Porter was interviewed right after the hire he was asked about players he was excited about coaching,  He said there was a young center fielder that looks good but he couldn't remember his name.  Well I remember his name, It's Justin Maxwell.  It might be bad for Astros Fans that I know the team better tthen the new Manager."  

therealgardale: "     Ok, this may be my only move in this game but Jason Castro?.?!?...     He's a catcher right. Right. Stanford. I'm surprised no one has     named a killer B yet."

10killertweets: "Brett Wallace, our husky, non hitting 1B guy who actually can't hit."

thisiskyco: "Lucas Harrell. This is one of those I remember Palillo saying his name, but don't remember a thing about him. My gut is telling me he is a pitcher. But if you said a DH, I would not be surprised."

derekphi: "JD Martinez. This is the last easy one.  Nothing really interesting about him. He was supposed to be good last year but he wasn't.  True for most of the team."

therealgardale: "       Ok, no idea but not discounting for spelling, Ryan Bogasevick?"

Sure Bud: "               Ok, Just googled         Brian Bogusevic he's a Cub. G is       now out."

therealgardale: "     Since I'm out I just looked at the Astros roster. Wow. I have no     idea."

thisiskyco: "Jordan Lyles. Again, couldn't pick him out of a line-up of him and 23 girls, but I know his name."

10killertweets: "I think Cordell skipped me, but I am going with that little left, Wesley Wright. Sadly he might be our best pitcher, a lefty specialist is our best pitcher?"

Sure Bud: "               Cordell is docked 25 buddy bucks for his indiscretion. Wesley     Wright? Is he now the longest tenured Astro?"

thisiskyco: "I did skip you because I only know 4, and I am trying to get them all in. Carlos Pena. Not sure if I really know him, if he plays for us, or if I am combining a mixture of other names I know, like Carlos Rogers, Al Pena, and Carlos Lee. But I am sticking with it. Killer is going to win."

10killertweets: "I'm betting on Derek. I only know like 2 more, and just because i read about the Astros last week."

thisiskyco: "Tap out, I have no one else. Unless you count Geoff Blum, our new color guy. That has to be worth at least 3.5 buddy bucks."

10killertweets: "It's Derek's turn but there's been a gap of time so I'm going again. Rick ankiel. Yep, that Rick ankiel is penciled in as one of our starting outfielders. I have 1 more 40 man roster guy but he's not a major leaguer.  So to win Derek needs to name 3 guys, or 2 to tie."

therealgardale: "I'm at lunch with Derek he's stumped"

thisiskyco: "Thanks for the invite to the Surebud lunch, now we know where Killer and I are on the chain of command. Still don't know anymore Astros."

derekphi: "Wow what a lunch! Ok, 3 to win.  I was going to name Ankiel next because I read last night that he was at Spring Training as a non roster invite but Killer was all over that.  Erick Bedard was also in that story but he also in a non roster invitee.  He is a guy who was a pretty good prospect a couple of years ago but now I can throw harder then him. There is a guy named Jared Cossart who pitches. oh well that's it. Man we had a good lunch! Congrats to Killer! You still got it."

Posted on February 16, 2013 and filed under Sports.