Fundamentally Sound...February 18th

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NCAA Recap It was a great week, Rivalry Week!! You can't tell me that you were excited about this. Here is what we learned about the Big 12.

10. TCU is bad, real bad. I know they beat Kansas, but every so often a blind lion finds a piece of cheese (is that the right way to say that). Kansas lost that game.

9. Texas Tech is right there in the conversation with worst team in the conference. They got drummed by OSU on Wednesday and lost by two to West Virginia. They are not in the mix, do you think they want Bob Knight back??

8. Texas had a chance last night to move themselves into the hunt. They needed to beat Kansas, or at least show up to the game. They did neither and just kind of rolled over for the Jayhawks. Rick Barnes needs to do something, at least get ready for the Big 12 tourney.

7. West Virginia is right in the mix, even though they are in 9th place. If they can win 3 more games and ISU, Baylor or Oklahoma can lose 2 more, they are all the sudden tied for 4th or 5th.

6 - 4. Baylor, Iowa State and Oklahoma are right in the middle of the pack. And the good thing for all three of them is the fact that their schedule for the next week is not brutal. Baylor and Oklahoma play each other this week, and that should vault one of them pretty high, if they can win the game before that. This is crazy, because in two week, one of these teams could be number one in the conference, and if I had to take my guess, I would give OU the slight edge.

3. Oklahoma State tied up Bedlam this year with a huge win at home. The game was so intense that after the game I had to put on a clean pair of shorts. OSU has the talent, the athletes and the drive, but I am afraid they don't have the coach to get them anywhere. If Nash can actually act like he enjoys play, they could be dangerous. (Yes, the fans stormed the court after the win, which I responded with "Come on guys, don't embarrass us, but it was Bedlam and an OT game) I will give OSU 4-2 going the rest of the season, into the tourney 14-5

2. Kansas State bounced back after a disappointing loss on Monday and ponded the Bears. They are playing good now and their schedule only favors them. They could go 5-1 to finish off the season, playing as well as they are. Give them the 2 or 3 seed for the Big 12 tourney.

1. Kansas is, well I don't know what they are. I would say they could go and win out, but I could also, with confidence, see them losing 4 of their last 6 games. Here is what you need to decide, was Kansas losing early good for them, did they get it out of the way, or are they continuing their downward spiral. Wednesday's game in Stillwater will determine a whole lot for the conference.

Aggies - Their season is not turning out like they expected. Especially in a down conference this year. They are 15-10, 10th in the SEC and need to make a huge turn around. 5 of their last 6 games will be a possible win, they need to finish strong.

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