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A Good Day to Die Hard 

Here’s what you need to know about me: first, I like almost every movie I see. Not every one of them is good, but I can usually look past the bad and find something positive in a movie. I say that so you know how low my bar is. Second, I love Die Hard; I am a fan. The original Die Hard is my favorite Christmas movie. John McClane is the man. The previous sequels have been pretty decent too.

That being said, I HATED this movie. Here’s what I’ll say about this latest version of the Die Hard franchise, it was a good day to die hard because I was in the theater seeing this god-awful movie, and I wanted to die. Hard, soft, I don’t care just get me the heck out of here.

First off, this movie has the worst, most unbelievable car chase scene that I have ever seen in my life—and I’ve seen a lot of movies! Does Hollywood really think we care about these unbelievable, unrealistic, horribly destructive chase scenes? Give us character development, and storytelling. Make us feel, make us care. We actually cared about John McClane, Hans Gruber, and Al Powell. Hell, I cared more about Joseph Takagi, who wouldn’t give up the vault codes in the first movie, than anyone in this fifth edition of the Die Hard franchise.

You might say that you should’ve expected this kind of movie going in to it. But I would counter with this: Go re-watch the original Die Hard. Go ahead, treat yourself. See how high quality of a film this was. Not just a shoot ‘em up movie, but a good movie overall. I can’t see wasting any more time or space on this terrible movie. Save yourself, save your money. Skip it!

Posted on February 21, 2013 .