Fundamentally Sound

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After this week in the Big 12, I realized a few things about the teams, and have separated the teams into three groups. 

3. Two Broke Girls group

 TCU, Texas Tech, West Virginia and Texas

 Just terrible. Like the show, they are in a major conference and they have very little potential for success, but there is potential there. You see these four teams and here is what you can say about them. TCU beat Kansas, I don't care what you have to say about them and knock them all you want, but they beat Kansas. Texas Tech has a new coach and a good history of basketball and the athletes to have a good team. West Virginia and Texas both have great coaches who can coach any team to a victory. But then, they are exposed for what they really are; No talent, bad starring cast and supporting cast, and no hope for the rest of the season. At times they have shown promise, but it has not been much.

2. Glee group

 Oklahoma, Iowa State and Baylor

 Great show, great teams, but not very consistent throughout the season. At one point, can be amazing and blow me away and have me in tears, and then a week later I am fast forwarding everything and not really wanting to watch it. Yet, I still watch it. I think two of these teams will make the tournament, if they can play like they are able to the rest of the season. OU and Iowa State have separated themselves from Baylor, and is a far superior team, but at times, OU has not been able to hold it together. They can come out and beat a top team in the conference, and then a week later, lose to a bottom team. The rest of the Sooners season ends with 4 winnable games, but I would not be surprised if they lost. Baylor, on the other hand, has 2 games against the top two teams in the conference that they may not win. It will be a rough road, but could easily vault them into the tournament. Iowa State needs to beat Kansas on Monday and one more game of their last three to get a high seed in the dance.

1. The Walking Dead group

Kansas, Kansas State, and Oklahoma State

 Best show in the entire universe. Dramatic yes, but also true. Kansas is by far the better team, with Kansas State nipping at their heels and OSU just right behind them. We have seen Kansas exposed at least 4 times this season and taken advantage of. They play three of the worst teams to end the season before going in to the Big 12 tourney, which they will be the number 1 seed. Kansas State will surprise a lot of people. If you look at their record, they have only lost to one unranked team, and that was a good Iowa State team. I feel like they are flying under the radar and if McGruder and Rodriguez can play to their potential, they will be the team to beat. OSU may be the most athletic team in the country. If you really look at their talent, they have what it takes to be unstoppable, especially with Marcus Smart running the point. But like most Cowboy teams, they seem to fall short of their final goal. If Travis Ford can keep his team in line, they will make a huge run.

Runner-up: Cougar Town

 Texas A&M 

 They were on a major network, and then switched to a channel no one really watches. (there may be a lot of crap for that comment) A lot of people watch them, but not enough to make it a must watch show. Remember Aggies, support your team in the SEC tourney, that will be their only chance to make it to the NCAA. Don't bail on them now.

Must Watch TV.png

Oklahoma @ Texas - OU needs to win this game to secure them a spot in the tourney. Texas has nothing to lose, other then knocking their Red River rivals further away from their goal.

Iowa State @ OU - The battle of the upper, middle of the pack teams. This will be a big one for one of the teams.

West Virginia @ Kansas - Going out on a limb and saying Bob Huggins will have his team ready to go into Lawrence and knock off the Jayhawks. Watch out.