Astros Set to Play the Season, Can Anyone Watch?

Pitchers and catchers report at some point. Then we'll have endless bunt fielding drills, split squad games, grapefruit standings and eventually real baseball. So...where will one be able to watch it? No one knows yet. We do know that the radio broadcast will probably be on 790 the Sports Animal and that Alan Ashby will be back in the TV booth.

As for seeing moving pictures on a TV, that's up in the air as well. The Astros blocked a deal that would've sent Comcast Sportsnet Houston to Direct TV before the start of the Rockets season. Jim Crane FIRED EVERYONE from the Astros organization including Junction Jack. The Astros own 46% of Comcast Sportsnet Houston so any deal will have to go through them so sit on it Rockets and Dynamo.

More on this later.

(Side note Junction Jack once used a tennis racket to fire baseballs at myself and others in the outfield section of the Astrodome. For those of us there I remember two things, first small children shouting for joy once Junction Jack made his way to the outfield section, then screaming in horror as souvenir baseballs ricocheted around us AND two the kid who made the Go ASTOS sign on the row in front of us.)

Posted on February 5, 2013 and filed under Sports.