Recruiting 2013: Alabama Gets Committment from Linebacker with Auburn Tattoo

I don't know if this says more about 18 year old kids or tattoos but Reuben Foster, a ESPN 150 caliber linebacker has committed to Alabama. (Thanks Katherine Webb) Problem is Reuben already has an Auburn tattoo on his forearm.

"I've been loving Alabama since a pup. (I was) raised as an Alabama fan from my mom and my dad." That's great except for the GIANT TATTOO OF ALABAMA'S RIVAL ON YOUR ARM.

Here's thought, if you really want a tat, just put the design on a t-shirt and wear that t-shirt for, oh I don't know, 40 years. See how much you like it then.

Good luck Reuben, Roll Tide or War Eagle, whatever.

Posted on February 5, 2013 .