Spring Movie Preview

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Since there a lot of crap movies coming out soon, we did the dirty work for you. Here is what to watch and also to avoid:

Watch with a bucket of popcorn:

Iron Man

It's Iron Man. Usually I am against sequels and all that, but again, it's Iron Man.

The Place Beyond the Pines

Gosling and Cooper have slowly become two of Americas good actors. I know I know, that may be crazy to say, but they are getting into good, solid movies and not being type-casted. This will be an interesting movie with some good plot twists and some tough decisions that need to be made.


There will never be a submarine movie like The Hunt for the Red October (U-571 was close), but this looks like another good one. Ed Harris likes to put himself in exile type situations when he is trying to, or a part of a defecting from America plot. The cast is not the best, but it will be a good story.

The Last Gladiators

Talk about a tough job. This follows some of the hardest hitters of the hardest hitting sport. This will be fun to watch and will change a lot of people's out look on hockey.

Avoid like the plague:

Love and Honor

Nicholas Sparks gets trapped under a bus and has 4 minutes to write a novel. That is how I would describe this. The trailer is terrible, mixing war and love, which is such a new concept. There is a little bit or racism thrown in to mix things up. Half of the trailer is about one of the guys getting with another girl, and they decided to try some new concept: Let's go to the lake, forget our clothes, run 50 yards to the lake while stripping, and end with a stellar front flip. Be warned.


Like my colleague Derekphi (see http://surebud.net/news/2013/2/3/pilots-without-parachutes) I can usually tell two things from a movie trailer: 

1. The plot and how it will end, who falls in love with who, some weird twists, etc.

2. How good the movie will do in the Box Office

Then you watch a movie like this one, where you have no idea, other than that when you watch it, the movie will not make sense to you at all. You can tell from the trailer that the acting is terrible, there is no plot, and it was filmed over the weekend. 

Spiders 3D

I wasn't sure where to put this one. I mean, it is going to be terrible and the worst thing ever, but I really want you to watch the trailer, because you just have to see it to believe it.

Posted on February 11, 2013 .